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I'm still full of love but not soft anymore...

Maybe because of the consequences which happened after that day or maybe it's all my fault. I don't know why I have this question mark on my every decision, my every feeling? Maybe because of my trust issues or perhaps it's just whenever I trust someone or made a good opinion for someone, they always prove me wrong and it made me feel worse for myself... #lowselfesteem

I want to know one thing, are our hormones so strong that even I couldn't resist or it was that beautiful evening? with you...

An evening of winter, the cold zephyr which embraces the sunset in its arm. The dusky environment in which the reddish sun dwells into the sea. You and me alone….

Giggling with the wind.

Shall we go? You asked

Yes! I replied

Love was there in the air which was hushed yet gleaming and perfect. The bike ride and freezing wind hit differently, seems like the whole nature conspiring to muster our emotions. That day was a full moon day, my favorite day as I’m a selenophile. I

saw the moon and get lost in the gleam of it, like I always do.

I asked him to look around the nature as it was looking so beautiful and soothing, unaware of the fact that it created the romantic ambience. He looked at the glowing face and mesmerizing smile, gazing continuously! I hold his hand to show him the whole aura through my eyes. The walk under the moonlight and a zephyr added more love in the ambience… We sat there on the ground looking at the moon, I was lost in the moon and he was in me. The whole machination made him so impatient that he couldn’t resist himself by having the taste of sweet smiling lips, he holds me in his palm, eyes closed and the lips collide. The running heartbeat, the uncertain mind which stopped working, the butterflies in my stomach and the downy feeling of lips melts the impregnable girl.

Are we too weak before our hormones that we forget our values, morals everything and let ourselves flow in the moment which is wrong according to the values and the lines we set for ourselves? Or is it the person with whom we are?

Ugh! Told you this question mark never ends….

He told me that he is dating someone else and sorry for this, my mind was just out of my control as I was too scared and bewildered and after listening this the guilt join the squad.

I asked him that did he kissed her too? Yes! He smirked. Okay so I got fool here again?

This QUESTION MARK?????????????


Would be the most beautiful moment of my life spoiled by a Casanova!

I realized after that day, what is the definition of love in the world’s perspective. The physical form of ON and OFF toxic love. He didn’t spoil my first kiss but ruin the purity of love I always thought of. That day haunt me every moment and upshots in sleepless and restless life with a big QUESTION MARK!?

My heart is a sacred place where the pure love is worshiped. The physical connection doesn’t matter but the souls are intimated, where love is eternal! whether the body exist or not, the soul always there, loving each other. Ummm…


Yes! I still have love in me as it is in my nature but I won’t let anyone play with this.

But, have you really felt nothing for me? My absence doesn’t bother you? Is it so normal to you? Is love mean nothing to you? What did you get after this? Why you did such so? Isn’t that night enough to make you feel the love?

DAMMNN this question mark again!

.    .    .