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I read a saying some time back and it stuck with me. The saying goes- “We are so busy making a living that we forget to make a life.” This really got me thinking.

How true! We are so busy running around in life that we have lost the sense of direction and purpose. The pleasure of living life has given way to the stress and strain of earning a livelihood. Life has become a tedious journey which often leaves most of us discouraged, depressed, and drained out. The day’s work gets over but the sour taste lingers on.

In the words of James Howell,

"This life at best is but an inn, And we the passengers.". 

It is quite evident from this saying, that death is the ultimate of all human activities and is a universal truth. The learned men being aware of this, are not scared of death. However, life becomes miserable for a normal person, who is aware of the time duration for which he is going to live.

This is what happened to Richard Brown, a middle-class widower, who worked in the municipal office of a town. He had no one to care for him as he had no children, his beloved wife had also left for her heavenly abode some ten years ago. Richard was a man of strong character with a soft and gentle disposition. He was popular with the children of the neighbourhood, with whom he used to play in the evening or on weekends. The children of the area called him Richi Uncle. However, age was catching up on him and he no longer was as agile or energetic to play cricket with them. One day on the suggestion of a local lad, Richard went to see the local doctor to enquire of his ailment. The doctor after a medical examination asked him to carry out a few tests including blood sugar tests and various other pathological examinations before he could make a final diagnosis.

A week elapsed, on the appointed day Richard set forth to collect his pathological report. The doctor on seeing the report turned morose, and with a sympathetic tone told him that he was suffering from blood cancer, that was in the terminal stage. So grave and hopeless was his condition that he had only three months to live. This unexpected piece of bad news came as a shock to him, for he had just reconciled from the grief of losing his wife. He was very anguished and spent sleepless nights mulling over his fate. He just could not fathom as to why God was so unkind to him. But time is a great healer and in course of time, he reconciled to his fate. Bowing to the wishes of God almighty that knows best, he donated all his worldly possessions, including moveable and immovable property as charity to the local orphanage of the town. He also took retirement from his job and devoted himself to the service of the poor children in his neighbourhood.

Two months passed and now Richard started counting his days. One fine day he received a call from the same doctor, who apologized for his mistake, telling him that his report had got mixed up with the report of another patient with the same name. His blood report was quite normal, and therefore he would live a normal life. The news so excited Richard, but the thought of having lost everything came as a shock, which proved fatal for him, and he collapsed clutching the receiver.

Death is indeed very certain, but no one can predict as to when, where, how, and in what shape it may come. We are however unnecessarily afraid of it, little realising the truth as echoed by William Shakespeare when he said "All that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity."

Life is precious. Respect it. Live it with a purpose and live it to the full. Don’t make life a passive series of coincidences and accidents. We didn’t come into this world to drift in the ocean of life.

Life is much more striking and astonishing than you think it is.

"If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present", said Roy T. Bennett

Look at life from your perspective and interpret it your own way. Always keep the remote control of your life in your OWN hands. Set your own goals and decide your level of ambition.

I would like to conclude my words from the very famous saying ,


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