The term 'loser' is something which we must have heard by everyone as of our failures. Whenever we see failure in our life we start hesitating to admit it. We always strive to maintain distance with the reality which is being reflected by the failures. We start guessing about our abilities, we began to think that there are some internal problems in our system. We start imposing allegations on others and as that it has happened just cause of this person or that person. We, however, know in some corner of our hearts that none is responsible for the problems other than us. We began to consider misconceptions and superstitions with regard to our life. These things explicitly reflect the feebleness of the mind.

We must remember one thing in our life, and that is the "Philosophy of not giving up" and "Philosophy of standing up again" on the battlefield of life to fight against the challenges which are being rendered by life in various forms. We must remember in our mind that there are certain rules of life which are indispensable and must be brought into practice. And biggest is not giving up at any moment; even though the moments are against you but you need to stand again and analyze your mistake and work upon it. When we confront hardships we become stronger and stronger. In order to glorify yourself, you need to sharpen yourself and your skills. Thus, stand up my friend, and fight against the hostile which is in the form of physical disabilities, Lethargicness, Lack of enthusiasm, Lack of Willpower, etc. Mark these words, "Life is to live not to spend", So live your life with every second. 

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