"I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”  ~ Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

In this world, there is too much mystic stuff about which we know and there are some about which we don't know. The evolution of the human species has been engrossing and the scientific inventions and the industrial development during the last 200 years have changed the world comprehensively, having said that here I want to mention that the human in itself is full of enigmatic creation of the Nature. Nature has provided us with the brain which is most likely the most precious part of the human body; however, we know that there are other organs as well which are mystical in themselves or we have made it mystical by not talking about them and by considering them as a taboo.

Amongst them, now, we are going to deal with the one and also the let's endeavour to comprehend the reaction and the thinking of the society about it. The menstrual cycle is about whom we are going to talk about and articulately if I say that is Period.

What is Menstrual Cycle and Period plus how does actually it occur?

Bascially, the menstrual cycle is of 28 days which is comprised of the formation of an egg, its fixation, and its discharge from the vagina. It's a hormonal change in the body of a girl in which blood comes out through the vagina and it remains for 3 to 5 days and even sometimes for a week. It's a time which comes once a month to girls or women.

Mechanism of Period:

The human species is existing on the planet just because of the phenomenon which we call Period. If it will not occur women can't be pregnant and humans will reach the brink of extinction. But fortunately, it's the grace of nature and the women that the humans are existing.

As a matter of fact, both males and females are equally responsible for it but to some considerable extent, women's share of contribution is more in it.

In the reproductive system of women, there is an organ which is called the ovum which is responsible for releasing eggs, and this process is called ovulation. The egg, thereafter, goes to the uterus by passing through the fallopian tube and as soon as the sperm of a man collides with the egg it gets fertilized, and then it sets on the lining of the uterus. Then a woman gets pregnant. Now pay more attention here to understand further, if an egg doesn't meet with sperm then it has to come out with the soft tissues of the uterus in the fom of blood through the vagina which is called the period.

As it's been aforesaid that remains for 3 to 5 days. Having said that it's not as simple as it seems there are so many other things that go back to it. Let's understand the functions of the hormone which are highly active during the course of the Period. Some of them are the following:

  • Ostrogen: when the egg is about to leave the ovary to go into the uterus, ostrogen is released in a good quantity which leads to the formation of soft tissues in the uterus as well as girls or women feel energetic.
  • Progesterone: Having released egg from the ovary ensures the presence of tissues in the uterus and also withholds ostrogen to make many more issues.
  • Lutenising Hormone (LH): It assists the egg going into the uterus.
  • Follicle stimulating Hormone(FSH):- Reaching upon the egg on the lining of the uterus. This Hormone begins the preparation of a new egg.

When all these ups and downs are going on in the body of a girl/woman; they are collectively responsible for the chances of the occurrence of the following immediate aftermath such as:

  • Free Menstrual Cycle
  • Pain in Breast
  • Acne on face
  • Fatigue
  • Feel run out of steam and anxious etc.

Women use sanitary pads and tampons to safeguard their elves from spots.

What does society think about it?

In our society, we can discuss communal riots, politics, sports, cinema, and all the other stuff, but when it comes to the matter of a girl or woman they try to avoid the issue of whether the matter is related to their desires of doing something and women safety. When any abused element of the society strive to molest her they when always push the girl and impose all allegations over her. And when the question of

Period and using sanitary pads and sex comes people try to make a taboo. Here taboo means the matter to speak on which doesn't regard civilized. People in the society have made the things in such a way that it is deemed in to talk about the matters of Period and sex. A very transparenr example of it is using pads very closed way. For instance, if a girl wants sanitary pads then she can't go to the chemist's shop and seek them. She will write it on a paper and fold the slip of paper in such a way that something very disastrous has been written in that to his father or brother and the story not only terminates here, the educated chemist also wraps it in a newspaper or in black polythene.

All these things render that the society has fixed all the things turn out in a very complex manner. There are some myths the people regarding periods. Myths have been clearly denied by the medical sciences and doctors. Further, the above photo clearly exhibits the reality of periods do's.


The world needs to provide equal opportunities and space to both males and females irrespective of gender. As we all know that the world is changing very rapidly we need to open our minds about the taboo considering subject matter such as Period, sex, and using sanitary pads.

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