"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
– Aristotle

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Life has innumerous definitions because it is based on the experiences of a particular person about the incidents of the life which he/she lived in the conscious phase or the moments of life. The face of life is the output of the opinion of a person. Thus, life may be good, bad, satisfying, or outstanding. In the end, we can conclude that the meaning of life depends upon the perspectives and divergent approaches of one. 

Everyone wants to see the heights of success and also to touch it. It can be comprehended easily because it is the nature of humans to get or accumulate more and more materialistic things. All of you must be thinking that why today I'm telling you about life, experiences, perspectives, and approaches. You'll receive the answer to it within a distance of a few words. A person can bring all the happiness, enthralling experiences, and enhancement of life in terms of materialistic things with his own genuine and honest effort. But the effort is not the only element that will bring all these things. There is one more element and if you are missing that element; you will not be able to enroll accomplishments in your life and that element is Productivity. 

Productivity, this term can be understood in various ways in the life of every living being. In general, from my perspective, productivity means "the utilization of energy and time in the most optimum way so that one may get maximum desired results from that which you are doing to uplift the personality in a gloriously."

Productivity means getting yourself indulged in work in such a way that you can grow immensely and effectively. Productivity means getting maximum output from your energy and handwork while doing those things which you are to do. It means grooming personality. It means learning more skills and getting experience in the different aspects of life. It seems very nice to listen to these words which come as the outcome of being productive. As we have productivity in the same way we have another term which is called unproductivity. It's the opposite of the former. In simple terms, unproductive means "not the utilization of your full ability to do those tasks ought to be done by you." In other words, not getting the result which is/are supposed to get.

So it is clear that to bring some drastic changes in life and personality, it is important to be productive. And to be productive it is inevitable to know what are the reasons or the causes of unproductivity that bring obstacles to the path to being a productive person. 


Here, in general, we will know about the reasons for unproductivity. These are those reasons which are applicable in every field. In addition to these reasons, we will attempt to understand other reasons according to area or field. 

  1. Workshyness:
    People often do one thing and that is they expect more and work less. Due to their internal problems person doesn't move ahead. Humans are very ambitious they want to achieve everything in their life like money, a house, fame, and appreciation but for that, he doesn't want to work hard. As it is said that there is not any shortcut to success. Workshyness is something that prevents you to learn various things. It creates various problems in the upliftment of the personality. 
  2. Make excuses:
    Most people always impose allegations on others for their own mistakes. They always have excuses for their faults. They are not ready to accept their omissions due to feelings of embarrassment and hurt ego. Acceptance is a big quality that is considered the first step to improving mistakes. But when one doesn't have this, it causes no improvement in that state of the person. It means productivity remains the same as it was earlier.
  3. Lack of interest:
    When the work is done, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction. If, however, someone does the work without interest in it, which leads to only one thing that is the waste of time the person and the result of the work doesn't come in the way as it was always wanted to come. 
  4. Weak strategies:
    There is a particular method or plan to do particular work. If the plans are not made in a good manner to get the desired result, the result will not be as that way as you are willing to see it. As weak strategies lead to poor and undermine consequences. 
  5. Feeble execution of plan: 
    The most important work in any task is its implementation or execution. Often we have seen its impact in reality in our surroundings. Implementation is something that determines the impact of their work. If you want to create a great impact on it, you need to implement the work exclusively.
    If you take a practical example of it, you can understand it through the policies of the government. Government policies are made correctly based on the requirement of the people but their success depends upon the implementation of the administrative officers. And several times it's been found that the impact of the schemes is not visible in the way as it was supposed to find. It shows that the implementation techniques are extremely important to get products to the plan and scheme at a higher level. 
  6. Lack of appropriate skill:
    There are certain kinds of skills, which are required special and appropriate skills to do. In India, there is a huge number of people who are working in the unorganized sector. As per the report of NSSO, 2009-10 the unorganized sector is about 96%, and the organized sector is about just 4 %. They need more skills to bring good efficiency in their work so that they could bring remarkable impact so that they can earn more and contribute more to the economy of the country. 
  7. Lack of obsession and commitment:
    From my personal experience, I can bet on this point that it is the most important element to bring a great change in the efficiency and the result of your work. If you have passion for your goal then there is nothing that can act as a hindrance in your path. As far as it is concerned with commitment, it is an unwritten statement in which you promise yourself to accomplish the work in a more dazzling way. 
  8. No clear vision:
    Vision is something that means the long-lasting goal of yours; which you have thought to achieve or for which you have initiated that work. If your vision is not clear then you can be misguided in your path. As a result of that, you will waste your time and energy doing other irrelevant work. If you don't know your vision then how will you target things and perform well?
  9. Weak decision-making:
    Decision-making is that ability that is one of the most important things in any organization. Herbert Simon is a prominent thinker on it. He is an American political scientist who earned a Nobel prize in 1978 for his work in economics Sciences. Decision-making is the process of choosing one of the best alternatives amongst various choices, according to condition. Simon talks about programmed and Non-programmed decisions and he emphasized more on the programmed decision. Programmed decisions mean the decisions which you have determined before to come to the point to take. Decision-making is very important because if you don't take it at the right time you'll have to bear a great impact of it on your overall performance and productivity.
  10. No motivation: 
    Motivation is a significant element in performance. Motivation can ignite in someone in two ways one from the outside and another from the inside. Outside motivation means if someone is eagers you in such a way that you start doing well in work with full dedication. Second, Inside motivation is Supreme because it does not need any kind of external pressure to ignite. It comes from the bottom of the heart just because of that dream which you want to achieve. If this is with you then you will push yourself in any kind of adverse situation. If you don't have a stiff dream which is not pushing you then there will be no motivation in yourself.
    Hard paths need motivation it is like diesel without it you can give energy to yourself.
  11. Discouraging results: 
    Sometimes discouraging results break you in such a way that you stop doing work hard which brings a negative impact on your overall performance. And the next time when you do your work it is in your mind that I working but its results are not good. It'll demotivate you. That is also the reason for less productivity. 
  12. Poor technique:
    There are several techniques to do various work but after following those techniques if you aren't doing well, what is the use of using those techniques? There is a greater possibility that your performance will never be able to stand up as you want. 
  13. People Breach themselves: 
    Various people don't pay attention to their deeds. They give false solace to himself/herself which is needless to do. They just keep doing whatever they are doing. They don't feel necessary to halt and think and analyze the activities which they are doing. They don't think it relevant to realize whether they are doing is worthful or not. In this way, people keep themselves untouched by the real truth. Due to this, the growth of a person remains stagnant. 


Here, we are going to understand the exact reasons behind the unproductivity of every possible divergent field. In the given fields we will be discussing the reasons in bullet points. To cover all the possible fields we have divided all fields into 6 areas and those are as follows: 

  • Studies:
    Studies are something that makes us civilized and make us aware of the truth of society. With the aid of this we, contribute to the growth of the country. In student life, however, there are so many problems that they have to face such as- 
    • Distraction from gaming, T.V. shows, irrelevant websites 
    • Pornography & Masturbation is something which is major problem for students.
    • Pressure of society to score well in schools and colleges.
    • Suffering from financial problems. Most of the students are suffering from this problem because in India there is great competition for everyone who wants to pass and get a job. 

So these are reasons which collectively lead to the downfall of a student in his career. 

  • Honorary: 
    There are some jobs in which people do not take money or anything instead of doing that. Amongst all those jobs are the foremost and that is a role of a housewife or homemaker. Being a homemaker there are great responsibilities for women. I have brought housewives in this section not to tell them to improve but to advise them to be productive for themselves not only for family.
    • Take too much responsibility for the family.
    • Bear all mental tensions.
    • Often face marital rape and doesn't say "No".
    • Too many sacrifices.

 Due to these reasons, women cannot become productive themselves.

  • Sports: 
    Sports is an important part of our life and gives us a lot of things. It teaches us about the different aspects of life. It tells us to maintain harmony plus it keeps us healthy. There some many National and International events which are organized such as Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, South-Asian Games, etc. Nowadays 68th National Games are going on in the country to promote the culture of sports. As these things, however, appears simple it is not as that. There are so many challenges that are responsible for the less productivity of players. Some of the reasons are as follows: 
    • Players have to suffer from injury which leads to stopping playing, and back, knee, ankle, and back surgeries. 
    • In pressure players take drugs and steroids to increase their performance illegally. 
    • Political interference leads to the discouragement of players. 
    • Poor sports facilities also affect the performance of players. If we see the performance of India in the Olympics then it is extremely in Tokoyo 2020 which was held late in 2021, in this India won 7 medals which were comprised of 1 Gold · 2 Silver · 4 Bronze. In the whole history of the Olympics, India has won only 2 individual gold medals. It is because of the poor sports facility. 
  • Lack of sports culture. 
    All the above points lead to a decline in the performance of the players and their productivity. 
  • Business: 
    In business, there are only a few companies that are growing immensely in India. But there are various who are not able to grow equally because of the following reasons: 
    • Monopoly of giant companies in various fields like Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel. Due to this other companies are struggling. BSNL is struggling and that's why the Union government had to give 1.5 lakh crore for its revival and growth. 
    • Spread of only two-three companies. 
    • Small enterprises are struggling. 
    • Politicians are also evolved in it illegally to support big businessmen. 
  • Job:
    We can divide the job into two parts. The first part talks about government jobs. The second is about the private job. Its difficulties are as follows:
    • Government jobs are very less and competition is very high. 
    • Sometimes due to pressure people suicide after failure. 
    • Job security quality has declined the status of government jobs. 
    • In private jobs, sometimes employees are exploited physically and also mentally due to workload. 

These reasons may lead to its less productivity.  

  • Social work: 
    Social work can be comprised of politics, NGOs, civil societies, etc. It has the responsibility of the whole society. 
    • The corrupt image of politics leads to less participation of good and educated people which brings less positive and impactful growth of it.
    • NGOs are not getting the full support of the government for public support. 


“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”
– Franz Kafka

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There are so many techniques that can assist people to improve their productivity. There are some of them: 

  • Make great strategies that can aid to make holistic plans to become more effective. 
  • Know your weak and strong points and then act. Without knowing it, you will be stuck in trouble.
  • Manage time:  “Time management is about life management.” -Idowu Koyenikan
  • Stay healthy with the assistance of various ways like doing yoga and gym. For instance: Shakti Mudra, Ganesh Mudra, Dhyaan Mudra, Pran Mudra, Bhramri Pradayam etc. These yoga mudras are helpful. Regular exercise makes the body fit and energetic. Eat and drink seasonal green vegetables and juices respectively. 
  • Take proper sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours. As sleep is really important to rejuvenate the body for the hard work of the next day. 
  • Understand the human psychology and Mechanism of the brain and then plan your work. Make flexible plans according to the situation
  • Learn more necessary skills and sharpen them like communication skills and writing skills.
  • Don't take too many suggestions that will confuse you. Taking suggestions is a sensitive thing one should take suggestions from those who are experienced holders of that area or who are very close to you, who know your weak and strong points. 
  • Don't be "Jack of all trades and Masters of None."
  • This is the age of technology, know the technology properly. Nowadays technology is replacing everything whether I talk about the academic field, sports, politics agriculture. 
  • Know how to work in a team: If you want to understand the meaning of team management very easily, you need to understand the techniques and management skills of Alex Perguson and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. These are those personalities whom I really like and admire.
  • Keep away from intoxicants: Save your life to get indulged in irrelevant, annihilating, and absurd things such as taking drugs, liquor, watching Pornography, etc. All these things will collectively mutilate the mindset. 
  • There should be adherence to good organizational principles like Span of control, Supervision, Control, Coordination, and Command. There is a famous political scientist, who is called as Henri Fayol gave the model of POCCC. It is the Element of Management.

P for planning 

O for organization
C for command 
C for coordination
C for control 

  • There is another social scientist namely Luther Gulick gave the concept of POSDCORB. It is considered the function of the executive. 

P for planning 
O for organizing 
S for staffing 
D for directing
C for coordinating 
R for reporting 
B for budgeting 

  • In public administration, there is a thinker called Lyndall Urwick who gave the theory of departmentalization. It addresses the problem of baes in which work may be divided and departments created. Gulick identifies four bases, which are popularly called as 4Ps.

P for purpose 
P for process
P for persons
P for place 

In addition to these steps, there are some others like Eisenhower Matrix, Personal Kanban, and Paromoda. All of these can prove helpful to improve the standard of productivity.


“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

There can be various extremely effective results of productivity and some of them are in this way: 

  • Sense of great Confidence: As soon as you start getting accomplishments in your life you also get a lot of confidence. Confidence is something, without this life is fruitless. 
  • Financial stability: when you put your efforts to achieve that which you wanted to simultaneously earn as well. In this way, you become financially stable. Once you earn money you become eligible to fulfill all the requirements of your and your family. This gives you a great feeling of satisfaction. 
  • Humanitarian work: Once you settle in your life and earn enough money thereafter you can something very good for society and the environment. If I give you one major practical example of it, it is none other than Mr. Jamshedji Tata. He was one of the industrialists who was interested to take care of their workers. 
  • Be the inspiration for others: When someone achieves a good place in society and achieves something good. He/she inspires a lot of other people who also want to pursue his/her career in the same way as you did. 
  • Contribution to the growth of the nation: When a person does something, he is not doing it only for himself but also for the nation. 


We can learn the real meaning of productivity from these great personalities. 

Leonardo da Vinci: 

He serves as a role model in applying the scientific method to every aspect of life, including art and music. Although he is best known for his dramatic and expressive artwork, Leonardo also conducted dozens of carefully thought-out experiments and created futuristic inventions that were groundbreaking for the time. who was active as a painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, and architect. While his fame initially rested on his achievements as a painter, he also became known for his notebooks, in which he made drawings and notes on a variety of subjects, including anatomy, astronomy, botany, cartography, painting, and paleontology. Leonardo is widely regarded to have been a genius who epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. He is extremely famous for his paintings Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: 

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Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (14 April 1891 – 6 December 1956), popularly known as Babasaheb, was an Indian jurist, economist, politician, and social reformer who Chaired the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly and was India's First Minister for Law and Justice. He played a pivotal role in the formation of the Indian Constitution. He is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution. He had various degrees and those are in this way:

  • BA from Elphinstone College
  • MA from Colombia University 
  • PhD.( in economics) from Columbia University 
  • M Sc. and D Sc. (in economics) from London School of Economics. 
  • Law from Grey's Inn 
  • D Litt. From Osmania University 

He was the first South Asian who did Ph.D. in economics. 

Apart from these names, there are countless great personalities like Dada Bhai Naroji, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, K. R. Narayana, Pt. Birju Maharaj, Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar, Guljar, Satyajit Ray, A. R. Rahman, Lionel Messi, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Kautilya so on and on and on. 


“You may delay, but time will not.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Life is uncertain no one knows about its surety. So if you want to live, live like a Lion; fearless, strong, and solid personality. Achieve all the points in your life that you want to achieve. As dear friends, these priceless moments will never come again. So come on wake up that hit the target. 


  • Administrative Thinkers, Prasad and Prasad 

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