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The most wonderful and challenging role in a woman's life is when she decides to become a mother. And if the choice is to not have your biological child but adopt one does it become taboo?

There are many challenges and obstacles once you do decide to adopt. 

  1. First and foremost why even think of adoption?
  2. Disappointments and expectations when you do decide to adopt.
  3. Why adopt? When whatever problem you might have can be resolved medically.
  4. Will the child love and nurture you as you do for them?
  5. It's full of risks is pregnancy
  6. Not your bloodline.

As we talk about having a baby through adoption it becomes clear journey ahead is not going to be easy with so many taboos. However, if we overcome the fear in our minds and have faith and confidence in our choices the process is easier to manage.

I, as a woman, made a choice of adopting a baby girl and becoming a mother at 40. That simply said was all about love and conviction that she will be as much loved and cared for as any child deserves and make our life and family complete. When we first saw her after registering through Cara it was the twinkle in her eyes that caught our eyes first. After waiting for close to two years we got our angel. The first time I held her in my hand tears won't stop , tears of joy angel with those curious eyes which we both couldn't take our eyes off. It was love at first sight.

It's been a roller coaster ride since then sleepless nights, parenting joys, many milestones crossed, and half a dozen myths crushed. For many making these choices may be taboo but when you do decide to take this path fears will just vanish and life will be filled with love, laughter, and fun. Of course, there will be hurdles but that's what makes this journey worthwhile!!!

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