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Let's make an entry into the forest, where Insects buzz, frogs yelp, birds shriek, mammals scuttle, and bats click the house, oh... we call this as forest, the geophony, and nonbiological natural sounds that include the effects of water by a stream, the effects of wind in the trees or grasses and lightening naturally without electricity, which makes our eyes to broaden little more and sound generated by the pl earth, itself, looks like another world in the earth, a feast for our soul and mind with greenish trees, makes our feet walk through dried petal cushion. would we live there forever asks our inner heart, we say reveal them "NO" with heartlessness.

As we all know the meaning of deforestation, I switch to the question

Why does Deforestation take place?

The total forest cover of the country is 21.7 % of the geographical area, and the tree cover is estimated at 2.9%, so I put my pen to write with some data's why deforestation is Taboo,

Deforestation is considered a major downside in varied components of the world once it involves preventing changes within the climate and preserving diversity. As a matter of reality, some nations are cutting trees at dismaying rates. However, it would not be well-known to you that specific countries associate with the very best deforestation rates at this time. Below, we've mentioned those countries:

  • Honduras
  • Nigeria
  • The Philippines
  • Benin
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Nepal
  • North Choson
  • Haiti
  • Ecuador

land to live

With the increase in population, forests are cleared to form a manner for human settlement.


Destroying forests to form use of the made and natural resources is one of the most reasons why we have a tendency to see deforestation occurring everywhere around the globe these days.

Products made up of trees

With the rise in the use of products made up of wood, additional trees are downed per annum. This solely ends up in a speedy decline of the forest cowl.

Deforestation has triggered the atmospheric phenomenon. With the increasing demands for wood, humans are currently facing a crisis and one must seriously trust saving the rainforests. Several necessary forest functions lack a measure which is why very little to zilch is being done to offer this issue the eye it deserves. The consequences of deforestation are extremely baleful, from touching the atmosphere to even the existence of bound species. If humans solely learn to curb their wants and everyone plays his/her own half to save lots of the forests, perhaps we will hope for an inexperienced future.

Are trees necessary?

The answer is Yes, the biggest land plants are vital elements of our environment. They replenish our oxygen supply, stabilize soil, store carbon, and shelter the wildlife of the world.

Trees even help us to build shelter, they act as building tools, moreover, the Trees are a natural link to our past, present, and future considering they are the oldest living species in the world.

The AROMA of each tree varies combination of the aroma is found mainly in forests and inhaling the aroma makes our mind calm and clear, costless essential oil.

Rains are the biggest gift to declining poverty thus if trees are the communicators towards rain to bless the earth.

Can we all solve this taboo?

  • Plant a Tree. Planting a tree is simply like taking a step towards saving one life. Planting a tree …
  • Reduce Consumption of Paper, does one understand that during a year, a large range of trees is cut …
  • Use perishable merchandise. mistreatment of perishable merchandise is the best difference and one …
  • Recycle & use. Utilization & reusing merchandise could be a good means of mistreatment of that product.
  • Curbing the feeling of trees, mandatory to control the cutting of trees, alarming is not enough.

Above all consider, Deforestation is one of the main taboos, which is equal to aborting the fetus before coming into the world, many lives in the forest are dependent on nature we know the house (forest) is like a mother's womb and lives are fetus, when we destroy the forest it is equal to destroying the mother's nature.

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