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The charm of a person is better explained by the frequent smile produced. It's an energy flow that attracts everyone in one way or other. They say being the cause of someone's Smile or Joy is not a silly thing. It's a great responsibility and to achieve it takes immense effort. A state of contempt or a sense of completion happens only when there is a harmonious state created within ourselves where the person finds internal bliss. Such a stage happens to an individual at a level of life where no material possessions can bring satisfaction which is only momentarily. It's just like Lord Budhha said It's desperation that causes all the suffering... 

A smile is a magical gift of God that all humans can make use of, but the real question is how many really make use of it? Today, modern men are so stingy in smiling. They think a smile is a sign of weakness and it can be exploited by many. Well, it is not true. Smiling always add value to your personality and it brings confidence. How can a confident man be exploited? It's not the smile that puts us in trouble, it's the wrong choices that we make that put us in bad situations.

From childhood onwards, a smile is the most powerful communication used between a mother and a child. It's the best expression of feeling happy or being well and healthy. Socialization happens with the first step of a warm smile and anything is possible after that magical gesture.

In this techno conquered era, the most affected part of human life is that we forgot how to give a genuine smile. It's a matter that we all know, no remedy has been found yet to reconnect that chemistry among us. A nice friendly smile with good eye contact and warmth in your speech is just fine to bring paradise back on earth!

A smile reached its epitome of laughter with the emotional continuity with increased enthusiasm. The comedy clubs and stand-up comedians do their job well to make this progressive development happen to the audience. The subject can mostly be criticism, soft porn, or even political correctness. The sense of the idea that throws some light to your sense of humor will obviously hit the target. Nevertheless, a joke can sometimes go wrong and we all have witnessed it on Oscar night this year. Like the saying, A joke is a joke can be hard to digest for some especially those who have something to prove otherwise. My point being an individual's perception of life is way strange than usual and in order to prove his part, he tries to go to extreme ends, and that's when you lose wit in your life. It's a really unfortunate matter and sometimes nothing can be done about it too.

Family bondage and personal relations are just a show business these days. A small boy of 8 has a complex virtual world controlled by his fingertip and it's a big responsibility to keep up every single day. The Internet has trained us to stop dreaming and start browsing them. It's a menace that wipes the smile out of our faces and with the rise of masks on our faces due to the pandemic era, things only got worse! In the coming days, the generation yet to come may be attending mandatory laugh sessions for school credits, and believe me, a major number of them are going to fail the test of a genuine smile and it already started in our times... 

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