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Over the few decades...

We have been constantly on the run to develop ourselves as a country, to bring about notifiable change. The great day, our freedom fighters brought us Independence on the very day of 15th August 1947. Each year we celebrated the day with all kinds of events and great contributions thru performers like singers, dancers, and even in school times the scout guides, and the NCCs. Everything was just so great to be a part of. As we grow up, there are less chances for such participation…

Over these years, there have been conflicts within the same country with respect to the caste and culture. Disappointing, yet the truth.

What we lost?

When we got independence, at that time, the flag was hoisted and was recommended to keep it up and no more lowering it ever again, by Dr. Nehru. The Tricolor Flag was given its meaning and the importance is just beyond its color.

The interpretation of flag by Mahatma Gandhi.
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The detailing of the flag, if you know will leave you amazed. The saffron Colour indicates the strength and courage of the country, the White middle band indicates peace and truth with the Dharma Chakra. The last band is green in color showing the fertility, growth, and auspiciousness of the land. the chakra signifies the importance of movement and if it is stopped, there will be death. Now you might think, you knew all this already and what's new though?

The Chakra is specified to have the freedom to imagination. It means that the wheel is constantly the turn, either you do it on your own or others do it or any other motion techniques are used to keep it on.

The paper shows the people who led us to this Great day.
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When you check into the history of Independence, there wasn’t only a Hindu or Muslim, or Sikh, or any other religion with all due respect. It was a combined effect that brought us Independence. Which means, that what we lost is our ability to work in Integrity and bring change in this world. What we lost is the meaning of the flag, the purpose of this flag, and the chakra within the flag.

The concept was of Unity in Diversity. The biggest glorious treasure for the development of the Nation is missing. I hope the youth has this going on their mind.

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