Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 
Men Can't, Women Can! ~ The “Cliche” is too intense right now!

Women can work with the pretense that everything is fine, even though she is bleeding for 7 days straight. Mum, yes she can. If men bleed for this long with all the pain, they won't be able to pull off even for a day.

Women give birth to a child with pain as much as 21 bones breaking -intensity and she is acknowledged for the same.

I agree, they must be acknowledged for what they are. However, does that mean you put the other significant person down? When we say equality, why don't we just keep it till the matter of respect? Why does it have to affect a person personally? 

If a man can't menstruate, was it his fault for not being born a female? And same goes for the female, if born as a male, is it her fault?

The taboo of feminist females must be for the ones that are genuinely underprivileged in today's society. And now to the ones who already are having everything yet demanding the recognition. One thing people need to get straight into their minds is that God has created males and females with certain characteristics of their own. If we keep comparing what a female can do and what a male can do, it would be an insult to his very thought of creating us as human beings.

I would deeply recommend the people of my generation to first treat a person as a human and then consider the gender. Not so as to sabotage the concept of the importance of gender.

What people must understand is that we lack humanity and not the lack of presence of gender in oneself. I mean to say that according to the great psychologist Freud, gives the concept of the feminine part yearned for, in males, so closely attached to their moms and girls to their father. And they also say that a person in his/her life shows a masculine as well as a feminine side of their character. So we individuals are complete in itself.

We just need someone to understand this reality within us. And consider each significant other to respect as a HUMAN. Humanity must prevail in this era, for it's gonna be difficult ahead.

Hope you guys start having a varied perception of this concept. 

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