Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

All the Marvel fans might know the concept of the Multiverse as portrayed in the series very well! The possibility of various outcomes and amongst them, the chances of us winning was the gist. But what if, such a multiverse really exists in the waking life?! What if there is a multiverse and multi-me present in the parallel universe!

The thought clicked to me when I started being confused about the stream to choose ahead that would be best for me and also which can serve my real purpose in life. I always wanted to pursue psychology and somehow, ended up being a doctor. It also contributed to the dream I have dreamt long ago. But, will the existence of a multiverse be of any help to ease me selecting a field?  

Thinking about whether pursue my dream or just go with the flow, it led me to think. What if there exists a parallel universe! A multiverse consists of many parallel universes and each with their own time, space, energy etc. The hypothetical concept is yet a very settling, yet unsettling to me. 

To suppose, a parallel universe existing - the Me in that universe, if I'm able to witness that my other self has been living a life that I had wished for, I would gladly feel safer to eliminate that in my to-do list. Meaning, for example, if I am a psychologist there and help people, I would have make a different choice in my waking life. I would go with the flow. 

When facing the next parallel universe, if I am a singer and a guitar player, I could focus more on my present life.  If I am a billionaire in the next to next parallel universe, I will be contended with myself and the life I have and not take any shortcomings to heart. 

If there exists a parallel universe where I am an artist, who draws perfect portraits, I would be proud of my "that" self doing what she is best in!  If I ever could see the other parallel universe, where I am a doctor who can perform surgeries and save lives of people and actually enjoy the process of being in it, I would gladly make a highlighted tick on my to-do list! 

If there's another me in the parallel universe, who can travel wherever she likes, go to any country she wants, would gladly go to South Korea 🇰🇷, not because of the trends, but for the people. And, convince myself enough that it's alright to be where you are. 

But, while writing this, I could come across the mixed emotions of letting those precious of my dreams to be eliminated from my to-do list. I thought, existence of a parallel universe could make my choice process easier, but NO! 

Though, it's a very dynamically beautiful thought to be thought of! And be contended about it!  I realised that even though, the me in the multiverse is doing her best, the "me" here in this word, wouldn't be satisfied. That's because those choices, that yearning to be a better person each time and each phase will be no more. I won't  be working hard to make my dreams come true. 

I understood,  the life with first hand experiences are always the best, it keeps one alive and have a burning desire to stand out in the world and serve it!  The desire for being a legendary figure would never see the light of the day, if I could give up all my choices...

It's the choice, one makes to be unique in each universe. My other me, might have been thinking the same too!

.     .    .