One lousy day, when everything was going down the drain, every effort, every single drop of blood, sweat, tears; I started wondering…

“When will this end? When will I be able to get what I want? Will I ever win? What if I give up? Should I or should I not??”

And one fine day, when the darkest clouds saw the silver lining, it was dawn! It was a new day, beautiful day, I succeeded in one aspects of my life, felt like I defeated my destiny to get here where I am today!

Picture credit: Vijeta Tiwari

But suddenly, I wondered, did I really defeated the destiny? Did I do what was once impossible? Was it me or was it really planned?

Looking beyond the obvious…

Reading between the lines, is what I could say by reframing the sentence. According to the knowledge every single person has about the human body is the regeneration capacity of a nerve. Meaning, it’s not possible! And coming across a famous line often popular in Hindi which says –

“We humans are just the puppets moving according to the set stage of god“

So connecting those two concepts together, it would be as follows-

The (nerves) threads are tied by the God to us —> Portraying us as puppets —> We act as her God’s wish —> we thus meet people God wants —> It seems, even the ultimate eternity is planned.

Some of my blog readers out there, might not agree to what I just said, and why not! Even I am a person who has difficulty trusting about the concept of existence of God. You might think, it was all because I chose to do so, it was my plan and idea.

Agreed. I won’t deny the fact that it does need one’s acknowledgement of virtue and intellectual capacity to reach heights. But if I put it this way, it might not seem incorrect either…

Concluding the inference

We human beings, are constantly making choice. Choice of waking up each day, deciding what to do, choosing the kind of clothes to be worn, what kind of thoughts we will have when we wake up and so on and on….. Amongst the most appropriate choices we chose to do wake up early or sleep in, keeping in mind the consequences of the same.

Meaning for eg, if I sleep in, I may be late, but I will be able to handle it. If I show up today,I might get what I want? Thus, even within the infinite possibilities, what makes a difference is the choice. Talking about the consequences, we already know the results of our actions. And if we are new to something, there might be two things, either we’re right or we learn.

Thus, concluding its all a planned puppet show of predetermined possibilities of the unseen.

.    .    .