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Suicide is something that we all are ashamed to talk about, in this world of horror it's believed that suicide is something that weak beings attempt, but neither of us attempts to realize that they are not being frail but are tired of fighting this world. We never make them realize that it's something one should not be afraid to open up about. We fail to make them realize that it's just a nightmare from which they can wake up and move on, a phase through which they can get out through.


As we all are familiar that the time of adolescence is the period when most teenagers suffer through the changes in their mental health conditions, we should all be familiar that it's the origin of all the suicidal thoughts in an individual. This could absolutely be reduced by creating a better environment around them. It's not only seen in teenagers but most adults too. Some of the main causes of suicide can be.

  • DEPRESSION: it is the excessive thought of despair when you feel nothing or all at once
  • ANXIETY: it is a state of mind of irritation, where you paralyze yourself when all the thoughts in your mind and the world is moving around you
  • BULLYING: a phase when you are judged for who you are
  • DISSATISFACTION WITH YOURSELF: a feeling of unworthiness
  • PAST TRAUMA, STRESS, and many more reasons could be the cause


According to the analysis made more than 1 lakh lives are lost each year due to suicide in India, it is found that in the last three decades about 43 % of suicidal rate has been increased.

According to the analysis made it is the number of suicide in the past 6 years. It is found that about every 1 out of five students report being bullied which is one of the main causes of suicide. About 3.8% of the population is suffering from depression, along with 5.0% of adults and 5.7% of adults above 60 years. About 1 of every 7 children are suffering from past trauma which may be due to absence or negligence in their past years. Which is underestimated by most of the people around us along with these stress, body shaming, and many more can be the origin of these negative thoughts


A step of life,
Which no one ever wanna take.
But being at a point,
Where you won't feel
any regret for that step
Where you feel nothing at all,
All the feel of ego,
All the feel of emptiness,
Is lost at once
But if you kill yourself
You don't end your pain
You just pass it to others

In my whole life, I have never been through any of these negative thoughts and I just want all of you to realize that it's not something that you should be afraid or ashamed to discuss, it's just that you lack self-love, encouragement, support, happiness, and entertainment. Going to a psychiatrist or psychologist doesn't mean that you are frail, instead, it's that you are brave enough to face the upcoming ups n downs. Not only those who are suffering need to realize to open up but also the person to who they are trying to talk.

We always call them attention seekers but have we ever thought that it can be real !! And the people who are thinking to end their lives, just listen up!! You have to live and move on, we all know it's not easy to erase those memories but you have to not only for your loved ones but for yourself too, for your beautiful future ahead.


Never forget to tell yourself you are worthy, you are beautiful however you look or however your thoughts are, if not for the world at least in your own eyes, always remember your dear parents and dear God standing in front of you in every situation and to those who don't believe in god, there is always a dear life ahead.

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