Source: Alex Jones on Unsplash

While others chose to grab toys,
she had to pick rags.
While others tried out various cuisines,
she had to eat the food received from shacks or charity given.
While others go to rejoice at their friend's house,
she had to go to houses in search of work without any choice.
While others' house was where they made delightful memories,
her home was a shelter to several like her for centuries.
While others have someone to call mom and dad,
she is loitering for someone to endear her as their lad.
While others have shoes on their feet,
she walks barefoot even in a street.
While others have somebody to call their own,
she faces the world solely all alone.
While others rise and shine again,
she strides in hunt of joy but alas! all goes in vain.
While others intend to travel,
she dwells barely fighting the battles of survival.
She was never given a chance to claim,
and people out there call her an orphan.

.    .    .