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Taboo ruling the world entirely like Hitler. Some of you might get confused by the title of my article. The Queen I mentioned here is all the women who sacrifice their blood for no reason. At the time period, we (Men) should treat them like a Queen.

What are the problems Queen facing?

 The worst taboo in our society is treating women like an animal. Isolating them from the family. And abandoning them to enter the temple. And they can’t go anywhere from the house at that particular time. Some peoples abandon them from entering the house. They have to stay on the veranda. Even they couldn’t able to enter their kingdom kitchen. It's too worse. These all are created by ancient people for a particular reason.

Why was the taboo created for Queen?

I will tell you what is the reason for this restriction created by our ancient people. In older days people were usually surrounded by forest areas. They have traveled through valleys and forests. There is always an afraid of predator animal attack. You might think that how it is connected with periods. There is a connection, let me explain you. During this time period, blood will be sacrificed by Queen (women). Animals will be attracted to blood smell. So there is a higher chance of animal attack. That is the real reason they restricted them to stay in the house to safeguard them. But we people just follow the tradition, without knowing the reason for the tradition.

Change should start with you!

Change should start with you! Yup. Its King’s (Men’s) responsibility to treat women like the Queen. Don’t be a Man Be the King.

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