Imperfection is the day-to-day problem especially found in the girls of age 16-20. Looks matter but does it ,more than the love a pure heart has to offer? People are getting eating disorders, stress, anxiety attacks, and more importantly depressed because of how they look. Girls are skipping their lunches and dinners so they can look perfect and for whom the guys out there? Who only sees what's outside and ignores the inside? Why?

50% of depression and suicides among females are because of their looks. No one can see that. And what about the guys who are fat ? That's okay? Those guys need the perfect bodied girl why? Have you looked at yourself? No doesn't matter.

Girls always feel ugly even when they are wearing tons of make-up. Wake up girls you are beautiful without it when are you going to realise that?

Ugly. What is meant by being ugly? Big hips? Fat tummy? Large boobs? Way too flat boobs? No good looking ass?

And what having perfect flat stomach and 30 size breast makes you what beautiful?

What about being smart, funny and a person with pure heart? I thought beautiful means that. Who says every hot girl is interesting and smart. And what about the girls with imperfect physical body? Are they not smart enough? Not good looking in their own way?

The society is bringing such a sham in our lives. A girl without a boyfriend is not qorth being a friend anymore or not interesting anymore. Y bcoz she doesn't have a partner? God this crazy. There are ppl who r not ashamed of being single but when their own frds start to make them feel less they just feel it. The emptiness. The loneliness of being single even when they hate that feeling. Maybe she is not perfect maybe she is not interesting or beautiful enough to have a boyfriend. Its like she is already self conscious and u make her feel ugly. I didn't think the society the outside world was like that but unfortunately it is.

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