Source: Anne Hoang on Unsplash

I knew you. You knew me.
For a long time.
Now it's just the memory fading like a fog at the dawn.
You are only recognised by the profile of yours, And me by hiding my visage under the feigned cheerfulness.
I was a cryptic puzzle. And yet somehow you could decipher me.
You were still an enigma to me. But somehow I could see through in those truthful eyes...
Now we are even withholding the sight of each other, like a turtle hiding in its shell
I was holding onto you with the invisible rope that you pulled apart,
The agony in your eyes reflected in mine like the mirror of horror planted before us.
In choked desolation I watched you leave me, like the piece of junk past, left behind the door of secrets...
The strangers who knew each other has become the perfect strangers once again...

.     .     .