Image by SeaReeds from Pixabay 

You broke me.

You promised me beneath the stars, swore our love.

You said as the waves come back to the coast, you will come back to me.

You looked me in the eye and said, I will love you forever.

You made me laugh when I was sad. 

You gave me confirmation when I had none left.

I guess it wasn't fake?

Because your brown eyes twinkled when you used to see me.

Days we used to laugh together calling each other weird nicknames.

Times, I used to run my fingers over your face while you used to sleep.

We used to run together in the field, leaving all the cares away.

Where are you now?

Was it all a fantasy?

Because the thing that is only left is my sad heart and these memories flooding as nightmares.

We used to hug every day... Now it's been months since I haven't touched you.

You used to just look in my eyes and knew what's going on inside and now I cry loud and you seem to get nothing.

For hours I used to listen to you and now I only got the voice recordings. You used to call me Princess.. and now you said I am slut, I guess you were over with our love?

You gave me enormous pain, my heart hurts as glass pierced and I can't stop loving you any less. 

Once, I was perfect for you. You used to tell me bedtime stories and kiss me to sleep.

And now you say," I don't wanna hear your voice again?" We used to have long eye-stares, and now you don't wanna see my face again?

You showed me fantasies and dreams, you taught me to love when  I was running from it. And now you left me? I lost everything in the process of loving you. I lost my friends, my concentration, my confidence.. because I made you my destiny. I was ready to walk in thorns for you, but you said I can't be loved?

Did you forget the night we were surrounded by candles and flowers and you looked at me as if no one else's is more perfect than mine? And now you say I am a bitch?

How could you do this to me? You told me I was an angel to you and now you compared me with the devil?

I got your pictures all over my room, everything thing I touch reminds me of you, every place I visit, I miss you. And you said," you never loved me?"

What changed you so much? What else should I have done? I fought for your love, I begged you from God, and I cried and prayed for you. I never used to have food until you had it. I never used to sleep until you came back home. Day and night I took care of you. All your problems I made them mine. 

What else could I have done? 

I loved you so much, that it consumed me. I am into a dark depression. My eyes are red with dark circles shedding all my tears for you. Guess you never understood my love, I was a play date to you. 

It's just a hole in my heart, where you used to be. 

.   .   .