Moment marketing makes the most of having the right message at the right time. It may appear spontaneous, but it takes a lot of time to plan, communicate and bring it into action. There is magic assigned to spontaneity, and it can yield viral potential or end up being an enormous miscalculation. There is a risk attached here.

Triggering interaction is the aim of moment marketing. It can be through digital or offline or traditional experiences

Moment Marketing paves the way to build a world without strangers – connecting with the audience; building a community that everyone can resonate with is the aim. The brand must be brave to align the content and context and jump on the bandwagon when required.

Rahul Bose, an actor, took Social Media to his advantage and spoke about paying almost a whopping Rs. 500 for two bananas.

People jumped on the same bandwagon, used the hashtag #RahulBoseMoment, and voiced their experiences when they have been made a ‘banana’ out of as well.

OYO took this to their advantage and sent out a push notification that said:

OYO did not stop there. They took social media to their advantage and posted:

Amazon Prime was ready to insert their prime moment. They spoke about the benefits of having a Prime account, with the same exorbitant amount used to purchase the bananas. A clear distinction made it easy to absorb the benefits.

An NGO, Feeding India who aims to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in India, uploaded a picture that stated, instead of purchasing two bananas for Rs. 442, people can feed 63 children:

These brands were ready, inserted their company, ensured time-based advertising, and did not hesitate.

A leader in Moment Marketing is Amul. Amul may seem like they hop onto trends, but they create it. The brand adapts to traditional and digital media, whose content is quirky, relatable, and hilarious.

Their mascot expresses her admiration, respect, value, or disdain for certain events through a funny yet relatable storyline.

Moment Marketing is about current trends. OYO, Amazon Prime, Feeding India put the right message at the right time to express and instigate emotion for their brands – when there was a pertaining hype to a particular situation.

What makes this tick is that there is immediacy and richness to the content; customers are aware of the 24/7 news cycle, and brands tend to create a kinship-like spirit by taking advantage of the trends.

The context is when a user scrolls through a trending subject, and a brand has posted relevant content, subtly creates a recall while gaining pop culture references.

The fleeting advertising technique is an influential and cost-effective tool. The advertising technique is a popular trend in which brands ride on existing trends to create their moment.

Witty and clever traits are crucial to embody while making a statement and implementing moment marketing.

It can be helpful while the brand welcomes the moment and advertises creatives that shrewdly give them a certain edge as a marketer to stand out and shine in the spotlight.

Recently, patrons of HBO Max received an unusual email, with the subject line “Integration Test Email #1", and the mail read, “This template is used by integration tests only.”

HBO Max tweeted an apology stating that it was the mistake of an intern. The memes went rife, bursting with jovial content that began to go viral. They accepted their mistake, supported the intern who sent the incorrect email, and were helping them through it. This tweet of theirs became a defining moment that continues to go widespread.

This mistake helped HBO Max gain many eyeballs with everyone reminiscing their intern stories. Stories that were not on the same level as this intern who thought messed up.

Known personalities, brands shared their mistakes to earn the support and communicating that it gets better with time. The trend struck a funny bone, caught speed, and had people laughing to their wits, sharing the most relatable stories. The hashtag #DearIntern got quite famous with everyone comforting the intern. The campaign helped in personal branding as well.

People join the conversation and familiarize themselves with the brand, which helps in publicity and brand awareness. Thus, paving the way to create organic reach while conveying the message and creating an online family where people are willing to listen and interact.

This type of marketing garners greater engagement because the trends are relatable and will evoke emotion from people.

It is an ideal way to get attention and connect with audience members. It is about creating a balance to recognize it with the perfect opportunity and pair it with content. The result can be exponential. With this being a cost-effective strategy, the risk of winning becomes better and is higher!

Keeping the audience in mind before framing an outline is of utmost importance, and if implemented, brands can hit their target and be a winner! 

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