Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Whilst this life we come across many advising us to be careful, to don't trust just anyone, to maintain a distance with strangers, to always involve a plan B while deciding, to think twice before going for what you like, to cross-check one's character before you befriend them, to be cautious of break up before you fall in love, to keep track of your weight while you consume those favorite food of yours; not to give it you're all in believing friends, not to go for a job if it does not yield return, not to waste time laying in bed, not to put sugar in coffee, not to go out in the night, not to let sunlight on your skin, so much and so on!

Yup. That's all good and great to keep you going fine and surely puts you at an advantage. If you were to follow all these stuff, you would most probably get to have a safe and secure life in all sense; protection from mental damage to assurance of stable health. But all you can do with that is survive. Nope, that itself is called survival. To live is different and beautiful even by definition. 

Living is an art, an art of exploring spontaneous and unexpected feelings. To live, you are supposed to go all in and feel the depth of every single emotion of joy; from happiness to excitement, and all degrees of sadness, from anxiety to despair, and get over it, start again just as reckless as the first time but with a little knowledge about what life is. Living is a journey every single person rides to derive their definition of what life is and it's unique to each of its designers. 

Living attains its colors when you do it carefree, when you decide to do something do it recklessly, its simple and beautiful 'cause I guess giving it a second thought makes it hard to do it sincerely. If you choose to love someone, love them with no limitations, if you decide to trust someone, trust them completely, if you care for someone, give it you're all. If you wanna express your emotions; don't wait, just do it. YES, of course, if you don't limit what you do, you would get hurt limitlessly too, and especially now, the world makes all these easygoing things seems extremely dangerous. But limiting things spoils the aura of excitement; It simply spoils the vibe. 'cause just because someone didn't deserve your love, just because someone you believed was not trustworthy, just because someone you were true to never believed you, because they never understood you,  because you got cheated over and over again; you can't ignore others who are worthy of it like that. You can't look at them like that too. Then we may put someone in the same position we are in! Since we know how it feels let's don't do it; since we are not capable to judge people from the very beginning just let it be like that until we find out. Let's treat every single person as the first person we chose to love and trust thereby we won't be scared or worried to get hurt. It would be relieving, at least until it lasts! YES, it's humans who make each other heartless and the thing that we have to trust that humans again, really is too hard, too complicated, and more than a bit tough to digest, but anyways it's not as if we can be happy without these petty creatures either. So if we are to fall, let's just get hurt, bleed and heal and then start it all over. But let's walk for now. Let's just walk, enjoying the breeze, the sunrises, and the sunsets; let's just don't think too much right now. Let's don't make ourselves bothersome; how about we don't spoil our present by connecting the past and the future.

Living is supposed to be a mystery that unfolds with adventure. It's a combination of genres, from tragedy to comics and from fiction to classics, its pieces are shattered in tales of all this. It's like you wake up one day, incredibly hungry , craving a plate of pasta in your style, that you cook it the first thing in the morning, spending nearly two hours to emphasize the flavor and serve it on the most elegant plate, you capture its gracefulness in a photo and just as you have a spoon of it; you spit it out! It's salty, too salty that you can't even tolerate a single more spoon. But that's what life is. It won't always work out our way. It is a mixture of desire, anticipation, excitement, satisfaction, disappointment, failures, and much more. All you have to do is add some potatoes to balance the salinity of life. By that, you create a new flavor, a new meaning to your existence. Life can anytime show you a bar of chocolate left long back in the corner of the fridge on a starving day, so don't let salinity keep you away from grabbing the sweetness you deserve.

Be carefree, be reckless, explore the wildest of things, experience the beauty in the tiniest happenings, laugh out loud, dance in the rain, bask under the sun, eat candies, have lollipops, serve yourself with your favorites, scream out, tear papers, slam doors, cry hard, dress up, go for life with everything you have. It's always okay to take a break and kick back from the suffocating and frustrating days. Live for yourself. Love yourself. Admire yourself. You are just as worthy as anyone is, on this planet. There might be days you decide you won't talk to anyone ever again but tell them the very next day that you felt that way and days even a child swinging makes you cry. But that's one thing about the soul of life, it's constantly changing and you can only contribute to how it's changing. So live it your way.

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