Image by PatriciaMoraleda from Pixabay 

One day. One incident. One shade.
Perennial changes were ready to invade.

Fallible body – undergoing pain in accordance
Pondering mind – sorting out why, how, and when for seeking guidance
Restrictions were imposed demanding abidance
Caged heart: awaiting the enlightened radiance

Cramps, spotting, and bleeding come along with mood swing
Pads, tampons, heating pads -hurting like a sharp sting
Cleanliness and hygiene become the priority over every other thing
Dealing with patience is the only option left to the being.

Red symbolizes love, marriage, and fertility
Still striving to gain the deserving societal acceptability.
They say -it’s a sign of progress and natural.
Then why this duration is considered as anti-social?
Then why the enigma is not allowed to be vocal?
Then why does unawareness pervades the way to make it brutal?

We accept. We bleed. And we celebrate.
We carry the divine ability to procreate.
We cherish the beauty of our transcendental fate.
We endeavor to make the true knowledge available to our fellow mates. 

.     .    .