Photo by Ron Lach /

A simple bean fallen to the ground allows the entire process of death and rebirth to take place. That tiny seed becomes a leaf, then stem, stem, grows up to allow wonderful flowers to become juicy fruits. Instead, a man appears to the world and in a short time begins to borrow from the surrounding environment the strengths and weaknesses of his fellow men. Instructions, dogmas, warnings, reproaches, ambitions, hopes, neuroses... he will accumulate a large series of personalities who may be good enough to juggle the world as needed but will imprison him in a mask that is not. While the seed expresses the maximum of its potential, man, closed in the fortress of his convictions, spends his entire existence talking to himself about how to live. In the end, he will have reflected so much that he forgot to breathe, play, love, to get completely involved in things. In a word, he simply forgot to live.

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