Image by Tanzid Mahmud from Pixabay 

It’s true that the ideal concept of a ‘best friend’ exists which is as equivalent as saying “love exists” be it of any kind. 

How beautiful is it right? Two people coming from their own little world, having different or alike preferences, likes and dislikes and most importantly how a bond is formed over days, months, years or even decades. We never realise that how subtly we have allowed a certain person to get into our hearts and in the process pushed ourselves out of our  own comfort zone to make that ‘one person’  a part of our own. Be it consciously or unconsciously we’re always ready to give in everything to be with them and to always have them in our lives and then also laugh or cry about it. Kindness and mutual understanding/ respect is the foundation stone of any relationship but it’s also true that loving someone is going to devastate you in every way possible. I think the bond which lasts for years are actually the ones which go through the ‘testing times’ and to say the least miscommunication/lack of communication and insecurities are always there as ‘enemies’ which if anyone of the two person allows into the bond  leads to either a Cold War or a World War. These also act as a catalyst if the two people are really progressive and equally invested in each other. Maintenance is required in every sphere and in this case expressing everything one feels and not restricting the emotions in an adverse way will lead to a healthy and stable bond but at the same one should know it’s boundaries and never OVERDO things even if it’s purely out of love, sooner or later it will always hurt. 

It's always easier and wise to accept situations rather than being in a denial mode because problems aren't roadblocks in any way you think it to be it will only make you introspect yourself and will become your pathway.  Marcus Aurelius sums this up well: “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

You can never stop loving someone as you can never stop breathing voluntarily, in the former case suppression of that love will make you think like that but it will always have a certain influence over your conscious or subconscious mind. Friendship is a name to that relationship between two people which does not need any validation from the society it's something which stays with you like your second family or as a family and that ‘Best Friend’ love will invariably stand out.

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