Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 

Today Serina woke up in the morning feeling a little confident....a little happy with a optimistic mind. It was a feeling that she never felt before in her whole sixteen years. She exactly knew why she was feeling that way.. because she was facing the reality and learning to accept the bitter truth.

Serina was a very elated and content girl who loved her friends Ariana, Diana and Maria a lot and cared for them like any other friend but she was over considerate of them and never learnt to say NO to them. She thought she was the most happiest girl in the world because she  found her TRUE friends and now she wants no one.

But as she was spending time with them and creating lovely and memorable memories with them she started feeling something weird which she could not understand or comprehend what it was.

Serina was more close to Ariana than Diana and Maria. She was friends with Ariana for more than 7 years but over the years and spending time with her gradually  she started feeling that Ariana wanted things according to her. She felt that Ariana never took her feelings, her choices into consideration. Ariana did whatever she liked to do. Serina was observing that Ariana actually always controlled her like a dominant. She observed that if things were not according to Ariana's liking she would be upset and ignore her for days. Ariana always wanted Serina to be under her control. That thing Serina understood. 

Serina was never that close to Diana because Diana always acted differently with her. She felt that Diana was insecure of her and Diana actually accepted that fact when she was confronted about it. It was like a one sided relationship with one sided efforts. Diana actually never took the pain of giving efforts. 

When Serina was going through that painful phase of facing the reality Maria was the only one who understood her and was there for her. Maria, who was a good friend but not that close actually saw those things happening with me and she told Serina to accept the bitter truth and let go. Maria was the one who made Serina feel the importance of standing up for yourself and being confident which Serina was obviously not before....

That time Maria and Serina became close and they shared everything like everything. They became comfortable with each other, and told secrets to each other which they never told anyone.

Maria was actually Serina's TRUE FRIEND who showed her the importance of self love. When Serina started to stand up for herself infront of Ariana and Diana they both were shocked and surprised. Serina started distancing herself from them because she understood that both of them never understood her and disrespected her. This was affecting them. They also started to act as if serina never existed. They acted that way for a week.

 Out of the blue, both of them come up to Serina and ask her " What's wrong with you? Why did we stop talking? Why ..??"

 Serina at that point in time annoyed because they were trying to make her look bad and blame her for everything. Serina who was now confident and who started loving herself and looked for herself first said everything to them clearly. 

Maria was so happy to hear that Serina for the actual first time stood up and said them wrong. From that day they were trying to pull Serina down and talk bad about her but Now it did not affect Serina at all. She was like ' I DON'T CARE !!'....

Maria and Serina were always there for each other supporting each other and respecting each other's opinions and choices. Serina became more confident, and happier and she started loving herself.

Now, she always tries to give voice to her thoughts and learns from her mistakes. She learnt to observe people's behaviour first.

She learnt that we should not trust anyone so easily and blindly. Not let anyone influence us and not share everything with anyone. 

She actually understood the meaning of " STRANGERS TO BESTFRIEND TO AGAIN BEING STRANGER." 

Because Serina started accepting things she felt happy and optimistic with each passing day..........

Serina understood that it's better to be alone than be surrounded by toxic people. Serina is very grateful to Maria and she has become a very important person to Serina.

.   .   .