Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

I write poems primarily for my own happiness. I write because I want to be read even when I am not alive. I write poems because, at times, I want to impose myself on others and I know that writing poems is predominantly a skill of putting words on paper. I love to put my thoughts into words, and I patiently wait for my readers to be arrested by my words. I like it when my sense and sensibility as a poet can evade a reader’s most private space. I believe writing poems is all about invasion. At times, writing can be very aggressive and hostile. A poet does it differently. He prefers to elude rather than state things. He enjoys informing his readers and has rarely claimed I am writing because I am always in love with you. I write because I cannot paint. I am writing because I have seen you dashing out through the glass door and your back, or should I say your fractional presence, which is still left inside the room, can conspicuously be felt for the next half of a second in my naked eyes and I do not know how to paint it on canvas. I write poems because I want you to sit beside my poems, and I will be delighted if my efforts are rewarded with occasional kisses. I am writing because I know you will not read it. I know you are from a different world, which is too opaque and distressingly profound. I care a little if you fail to appreciate such a foolish investment of time in words and words alone.

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