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Among youth mental health is a major concern. Today, when we go outside the society we live in are so judgmental regarding any particular matter, whether it's one’s personal issue. In any way, society doesn’t support they only judge. This judgmental nature of society is toxic. When the mental health is concerned, a person who when goes through failure or suffers rejection or any other personal issue undergoes depression and anxiety, which is a result of mental pressure. But in our society, we call that person crazy or even throw him/her out of society, but this should not be a way to treat someone who is already suffering, this is another form of taboo that is baseless.

A person who suffers from mental issues finds it very difficult to talk about. Some might feel shame, but nobody should feel so that one should raise their voice and see a doctor as soon as possible. Because our mental health is as important as our physical health. One cannot see mental health with just one look observation is the only way to understand that one is mentally ill. In today’s world, it is not very rare for every person to go through a period that is the hardest part of one’s life but if one overcomes this period everything normalizes and yes, free of mental pressure. We need to deal with this issue carefully as it is not so rare anybody may suffer and we should stop calling it a taboo, it is not a taboo, it is a bitter truth that should be acceptable and we should help that person overcome by normalizing this issue and bravely fighting.

In today’s world where there is a lot of competition, one should be ready for challenges and ready to face failures. Mental health is dicey anyone may face it at some point in life. Whenever a person undergoes failure, we start judging that person, but it is not the society who is suffering it is an individual who is suffering whose side effects become suffering to his near and dear ones. Even I heard someone saying it's one’s own mental health one should try to overcome by itself we can just make people aware about this and yes that’s true no doubt but the doctor and surrounding people can help for sure. When a person suffers from mental illness all the negative thoughts surround that person and he or she might commit suicide or attempt the scenario at that moment creating very hazardous effects which could ruin many lives. But one should not let such negative thoughts be heavier than positive ones. A single down step cannot decide one’s future once one recover from the thought slowly everything becomes normal and can give a better start to this journey. But this is very difficult for the person but one can try and beware of mental health issues. Mental health is a topic of concern, not a taboo.

What role can parents play in this is just they can keep a check on the habits of their child/children, parents need to watch for signals in their children like (isolation, an obsession with social media or dropping grades, or a loss of interest in the things they used to enjoy) and then step in to help if needed. Not only the responsibility of parents even when a child is grown up they are also a little bit aware of mental health they can also keep a check on their parents, siblings and near ones. That help means two things, being empathetic and advocating for children, be it at school or through mental health. Don’t wait just get on it.

Children should be able to raise mental health concerns without knowing why they are happening. Make sure that the kids around you know that they can tell you how they are feeling without explaining why? And separately we should be monitoring the youth around us and not jumping to conclusions about why they are acting a certain way. when a kid acts out or misbehaves at school, then why is probably not because they are a bad kid, the ‘why’ could be stress or anxiety, or depression. So give the kid a break.

When someone suffers from a mental problem their behavior changes some become grumpier and people around them think why are talking a certain way. so try understanding symptoms and help them overcome. This is just a matter of time as soon as this period gets over everything seems much better. Mental health should not be a taboo people should take it seriously as it is a matter of someone’s precious life. Just with a little support and awareness, we could make this society a better place to live in for mentally sick people and give them proper attention and time to overcome their stress and anxiety disorders.

The topic of mental illness is often shrouded in taboo and stigma which hinders open communication and relationships. Opening up about your struggles can can make others feel less alone and encourage them to speak about theirs in turn. People are more reluctant to reveal they have a mental illness than to come out as gay, according to a new study that reaffirms warnings from campaigners that mental illness still faces a persistent social taboo. Unlike other general physical illnesses, mental illness is related to problems that start in the brain is an organ just like any other organ in our body it can experience changes (healing or injury) based on life experiences like stress, trauma, and lack of sleep and nutrition.

Poor mental health influences people’s relationships with their spouses, relatives, children, friends, and co-workers. often poor mental health leads to the problem such as social isolation, which disrupts a person’s communication and interactions with others.

We can help improve one’s mental well-being by connecting with people. Good relationships are important for your mental well-being, and being physically active. Being active is not only great for your physical health and fitness but also proves to be mentally healthy and fit, learn new skills, and pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness).

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