Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

It was a Monday afternoon. Sasha was returning home from school. She was staying with her family. Her mother, Rama, was a housewife. Sasha was very close to her father, Vishesh. Sasha experienced something unusual. As she walked home there was a stink in the air. The sky appeared green in color. It was very weird. Rama saw her and asked her to quickly come home. She closed all the doors and windows of the house. There was something fishy going on. Vishesh came very early from the office. An emergency was declared. The entire nation was scared. It was all over the news. The earth was turning to hell. The gases in the atmosphere have chemically changed causing plants to be able to move like animals. The branches can move like human arms and cause damage to humans. The plants were going to be monsters. No animal will survive due to poisonous gases. We were asked to shut doors and were under strict lockdown. We all were provided with oxygen cylinders to survive in our homes. The government planned to prevent trees' transformation into rare monsters by experimenting with gases. They discovered the medicine diazole to help trees remain inactive. Sasha was shocked to see all this. She kept looking outside the window. Everything seemed dark. Vishesh brought oxygen cylinders and gave them to everyone at home. The plants outside in the park became scary. The diazole medicine was added to plants to save people. Sasha was indoors and curious. Rama could not cook also as the vegetables could be poisonous. They could have only water. Three days have passed like this. They were hungry and exhausted. The smell of the atmosphere made everyone sick. Meanwhile, an announcement was made that safe food was stored in the huge plane called "Millet" which was silver painted and was flying places to places near affected areas. The rescue team was called by Vishesh. In an hour a rope was descended near the top window of their house. Sasha started to climb with help of Vishesh. Just then a monster plant attacked from outside. Rama got scared. Sasha began to scream. The army in the helicopter took a gun and pointed it to shoot at the plant. Sasha grabbed the rope tightly. Vishesh pours diazole at the monster plant. The monster in the plant was weak after that. Rama somehow managed to enter the helicopter hovering above the roof. Vishesh tried hard but was slipping, the lifeguard from the helicopter held Vishesh's hand and grabbed him. They were dropped to the Millet plane. It was very huge and enormous. It was cold inside and so many people were waiting for food and finally their rescue to a safe place. The plane was covered with a diazole medicine layer. People were given the same medicine for safety. They flew at higher altitudes of 60000 feet and were taken to submarine locations. Sasha and Vishesh had food and were very weak. Rama had stomach pain and could not tolerate the journey. She became very sick. Doctors gave her the best medicine for her speedy recovery.

The navy commander and submarine controllers announced to hold everything nearby as they were going very deep in the sea. They gave hope to everyone that they all will be safe and will enter a new safe world. An hour passed and people were surprised to see a new world that was just like their world. Food, water, and oxygen are all in abundance. They all were happy to have successfully survived. Sasha rushed outside and could breathe life again!!

.   .   .