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Depression as the name suggests is a state of mind. Some people term it madness because people don’t know about mental health. One person lies to take in a dark room, feels no meaning in life, or feels hopeless is always termed nothing serious. This can happen a person is going through depression. Many people also take resort to mandir and Pirbaba Ashram as they feel, it can heal them of the state. In many families, they blame the person suffering as the person with depression.

Depression can happen for a lot of reasons as age, abuse, and gender. The abusive relationship can take a toll on our mental health. Many personal problems or relationship problems can cause depression. The loss of closed ones can also create depression. Some medications can also create depression as isotretinoin. Abuse of any kind can leave you in deep melancholy. Staying lonely for many years can be the reason for depression. Even demeaning someone and insulting others can also be the reason for depression. As negative energy reduces your energy and if continued for long can break your mind. It can break your confidence, and it can make you feel useless. You can feel you mean nothing to anybody and you are a burden to society. But many people become emotionally strong when they revive from depression, they learn to manage their emotions. They become capable to handle criticism and can fight any difficult situations. They can mentally challenge all shortcomings and failures and become better equipped to handle difficult situations. An abusive relationship can be the reason for your depression, but freedom from the same can be a gift. Women are about twice as likely as men to become depressed. No one's sure why. The hormonal changes that women go through at different times of their lives may also play a role.

We all are lonely beings but we get attached to people given love and respect. Humans by nature love to stay in groups. They seek validations from close people. They need some people as a fallback option on whom they can always depend. In depression you feel your life is useless, nobody needs you or loves you. You feel your life is a burden, and don’t want to enjoy anything. You do not want to enjoy life and only feel the darkness and sad songs as your best friends. Society treats you as strangers, relative term you as mad. The boy who was known for his fashion sense is termed as ordinary at that time. Many times, you will be seen starting at the wall. Many times, you will cry silently, and many times you will go into self-blame mode. You feel your life destroyed. Society will judge you; neighbours will misbehave maybe your parents feel you behaving strangely

Then after many days, you will have self-realization. You will come out from the self-destruction and pity mode. You will see the beauty in nature. You will realize your goal in life. You will have new dreams and new meaning in life, The support of books, medication\, and therapy finally will make you an emotionally strong person. You will learn to deal with negative situations in a better way. The society’s judgment will not matter to you. You will understand the importance of solitude. You will find those people who value you. They will be there for you throughout your life. You will learn the difference between fake friends and real friends. You will be more mature and understand the importance of meditation and overall, you will be a better person. Depression is like a learning phrase it makes our life difficult and gives us a good lesson. But we as a society, need to understand the importance of mental health. We should develop the courage to talk about it openly and treat it as a normal disease like cough and cold. A positive mindset timely detection and support for your near and dear ones will help us to overcome the same.

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