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Many times, we hear people complain they had many plans but cannot complete them. They will say that they have invested a long time, and only used five hours of sleep but still, productivity is not achieved. I feel the main reason for the same is proper planning and wasting of time. In the digital era, people are struggling to keep their attention focused on productive work. We think to go on Insta for watching a 30-sec video but end up spending hours on it. Nowadays every company is competing to win audience attention. The main challenge is not less time, but wasting it. We know the importance of money and spend it very planning. When comes to time, we never keep a track of the same. We forget money once lost, can be earned but time once gone can never be brought back. We should plan our day, and the night itself so we know our daily targets. We can also use apps that check our time wasted on social media. The goal can be written on the wall where we sit for work, this will keep our minds focused on our work. As we know the mind is like a small baby, it needs training but with love. It never enjoys pain and runs from it. We have to make our work interesting by making it innovative so we can win over it. It will help us to keep the focus on targets and make us more productive. If our target is to exercise daily, but we do not like going to the gym so we can participate in Zumba. The Zumba classes can be interesting for me if I love to dance. The mixing of passion with boring work can increase our productivity and make the work interesting.

Discipline is very important for doing any work. The skill of time management with discipline can only make us more productive. Elon mask and other successful people also share the most important treasurer they have is time. It is more precious than diamonds for many people. The book 5 a.m. club also shares the same knowledge. It gives the importance of taking care of physical and mental health. The importance of taking care of your health and learning good books to increase your productivity is highlighted in the book. The importance of solo time, as well as learning good things help us to become more productive.

The difficult thing we face in planning is prioritizing our work. Many times, we plan the day but get involved in many distractions like replying to mail or answering calls. These drain the prime time, and finally, we get stuck with the loophole. I strongly believe in the 80/20 principle. If we the early hours of the morning we give focus on the most difficult task it will make our day easier. Primarily it will release our tension, secondly, we can work with more concentration. We can also try to batch similar tasks in the same batch, to increase our efficiency. Outsourcing is also a good option to increase our productivity. For example, if I am running an online store the customer query can be outsourced, I can look at the marketing sight. I can give them clear instructions on which kind of complaint should be routed to me. It will save my bandwidth and increase my efficiency.

Our brain is like a baby which avoids punishment and loves rewards. So, associating a reward with a difficult task can give us a sense of achievement, It can be explained with an example, as I was trying to solve a bug in difficult code. I tried for hours but was not able to resolve the same, so I got frustrated. I took a break for ten minutes, had some coffee, and promised myself a treat of soup if I can complete the work. I was surprised to see; I could crack it in half an hour. Rewards help us keep going in a difficult task. Small breaks help us bring back our focus on the task assigned to us.

Many people nowadays focus on multitasking but sometimes it hampers our productivity. While we try to multitask, it becomes difficult for our brains to focus on multiple activities together at a time. We can do one thing we can complete many tasks in an hour, but we should focus on only one work at one time. We can also start journaling as it will help us plan our day better. It will be easy for us to know which work is accomplished and which we need to do. Mind map also helps a lot in increasing our productivity. For driving, we need google Maps, similar to the way mind maps give us the direction to achieve our targets. Mind maps help us to locate how many steps are needed to reach our goal. The goal can also be divided into small parts, so we can feel the joy of reaching the Himalayas in small steps on daily basis. Planning with an information diet as well as journaling your small achievement helps us to make more productive. It is a daily practice and we need to take small steps on daily basis to make us more efficient to achieve our goals.

We spend a lot of time-consuming information that has nothing to do with our goals. That excess information keeps hovering in our heads, and we get diverted from the main goal. We must keep ourselves surrounded by people who have similar views to us. It is always said that man is known by the company he keeps. If we surround ourselves with like-minded people and learn books about successful people, we will attain our aim in life. The talk show of famous business people and their books can be the roadmap for us to reach our destination of efficient productivity.

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