Life is full of regret and up and down,

Life is full of surprises and unplanned crises.

Life is a roller coaster ride that has Both happy and dark days.

My life was also one of them,

I was blessed as you were a part of the same.

You came into my life like a gust of wind.

I was the pampered princess and you my prince charming.

I was the only daughter of a lovely family,

And the apple of the eye for all, and you treated me with the same compassion.

Life can be hard and challenging,

I never had the chance to witness the same.

You and my family around I was always very protected.

I was born with a silver spoon, so I knew only life’s best side.

I have seen the natural beauty of the sea but never felt the waves can be dangerous too.

My life was a fairytale romance and I dreamt of myself as the princess.

You too called me, your “queen” and treated me the same way.

You tolerated my bad behavior and forgave my all mistake in the name of love. I took everyone’s love for granted.

My mother has been the protective shield who tried to save me from the world, She wanted to look good and eat healthily but I always threw tantrums.

I felt as protective nature was intruding into my personal space.

My father wanted to teach me the value of money,

But I always believed in spending it on parties and expensive showoffs.

My brothers wanted me to learn google map and learn the hard realities of the world, But I always thought they were wrong and felt the world is a very beautiful place.

You my life have the wish to save from everything in life.

You only have one wish to save my innocence and one dream to make my dream successful.

But life had some other plans, I decided to fly high and left the safety net.

I took a plight and left my state, had dreams to harbor and expectations to prove.

But all went in vain because I did not have my support system.

The work of my daily life felt mundane and I felt helpless.

I did not have a mother to cook food for me, a father to give money to me, Nor a brother to guide me with roads and neither you to protect me always.

Life was hard and days were dark and learned the roads on my way.

The learning was difficult, but the worth was millions of dollars.

May I have sleepless nights and dark circles under my eyes.

But it opened my eyes and understood the reality of life.

I understood the importance of family, and the concept of living alone is a myth.

It taught me, freedom is good but protection is better.

Being alone is good, but having nobody in need is a curse

Life was tough and the pain was unbearable, but it also had its advantages.

It taught me the worth of family, it made me a better person.

I met myself in those years of solitude.

I understood the worth of my parents and the value of their sacrifices.

I learned the loving nature of my cousins and uncle.

Above all, I learned the importance of you,

You have always made me, the center of your life.

I realized my life is incomplete without you.

I regretted the pain, which I inflicted upon you and endured it without a word just with a smile.

I realized you are the best thing that could ever happen in my life. After four years, when I ended my exile in fear of losing you forever, For my foolishness and all selfish reasons.

But to my utter shock neither I got back my family, but also you.

Who was standing at my door with a ring in his hand to make his princess forever? I have tears of happiness and remorse in my eyes, and you were proud to say the new girl in me.

.    .    .