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Sample 1:

Hello everyone. Her name is Sita. She loves drawing. She got the passion through her love of nature.

Sample 2:

Oh! The nature's

Seen dull and dusty.
But, Hey?
A miracle though!
Those angel's hands
Stroking and coloring
The nature!
Ah! Ah! A correction
She's a girl!
You're a painting.

Between those two samples, one could easily differentiate a simple, monotonous phrase and a poem. Yeah! That's right. Sample 2 is the poetry. So, what is a Poetry?

Poetry is one of the ways of communication like Music, Words, etc., Irrespective of language poetry crowns her stage in every possible field. Human evolution has seen through tons and tons of changes both physically and mentally. Among these one of the most prominent gifts by the nature to humans is the essence of sensing and expressing things.

The sixth sense of humans is stuffed with rooms and rooms of knacks that could only be found in the homo sapiens. Pardon me for such a phrase, that one could even wonder, "Hey did I just read my eighth-grade science book!?" Still, when we analyze the facts, we arrive at a clear-cut takeaway.

Experiencing and expressing the "taste" in something other than food and appetite is a great inborn trait seen in humans. Simply, it's the "Art". Art can be of many forms. A big protrusion branching out from Art is "Poetry".

The transformation of Simple wordy sentences into poetry

All poetries can be sentences. But all sentences cannot be poetries. So, what characteristics make them stand out from mere sentences?

The poetries try to express their "ultimate aim concept" in a rhythmic manner. If those words are read together aloud, can give you a script for making some beats and melodies!


Beneath the garden of stars
Heard a call.
Babe, This night's ours,
I am all yours, once and for all.

This beautiful romantic poetry has rhyming words at the end of every line. These words add up to the specialty of the simple lines and give us a spellbinding look over the poem.

Literally, the poetries possess the inheriting bond from their ancestors, Grandma Arts, that they can personify a non-living thing and make you fall in love with him. Oops sorry! Them.


Oh wow! The moon is blushing!
Maybe she has heard
Those poetries sang for her.

The above poem perfectly took a precise perspective of Moon as a young girl. By the word "She", we could even imagine the Moon sitting in front of us smiling and blushing!

An outlet for your feelings

Fortunately, poetries can be a way to expel what's nagging inside. It can be anything such as Love, Anger, Hate, Anxiety, etc.., So, speaking of feelings, it automatically becomes perspective dependent.

Sample 1:

And the fact is that
We are not alone.

This snippet from big poetry could be seen as a romantic dialogue by a Romcom novel handsome protagonist to his beloved split personality girlfriend.

Or a witty scientist seeing through the blinking eyes of commoners that literally means, "This universe isn't only for Humans."

In another case, a group of rebellions heard this from their captain. Their blood veins carry the rushing power that will give them dawn from captivity.

Poetry is an outlet for your inner emotional volcanoes

When feelings cross a threshold of the normal level, one could feel them coming out through poems. When you're in love, you can feel an abundance of emotions cascading from your nibs.


Her darkest edge of eyes glimpsed me for
One-millionth of a second
Even the pace of my breath reached
Halfway to the deepest part of the alveoli.
Won't it last throughout our life!?

The lover boy couldn't pause the moment of magic. So, he is moaning his sadness through poetry. He's yearning for a little more time with the girl who threw out a glimpse of him.

The highest form of likeness, one could shower on the other is Love! Similarly, one is not getting the talent from anywhere outside. But all that matters is a "Trigger" that could unblock the monotonous sight in one's perspective.

Language of Unnoticed

Generally, poetries tell us what we've been losing to notice all these years. So, in fact, when you read or write a poem, you listen to the silent murmurings of nature and its surroundings. They could teach you to unwrap major mysteries and untold secrets of "your being" in the present.


Whenever I see her face, I believe
In the reincarnation of the moon.

We never know whether reincarnation and past lives are true. But, these poetries could rain your mind with interesting and lovely theories. Maybe, we aren't getting any proofs now, but sooner or later, will we get them?

Poetry in visualizing the abstractness

Sometimes we feel ourselves in a low mood. But what's even worse is that we couldn't know the actual reason for that lowkey suffering. Fortunately, poetries are the savior which helps us in picturizing what's bothering us. Are you thinking of how?

Personification! Yeah, poetry has the inherent power to bring out a person from anything it sees. Whether it can be the dust on a tip of a Dry leaf or the warming rays coming from the morning sunbeam. So, it can aid in visualizing the bothering problems. They give them shape and bring them alive in front of our minds.


Once the Ecstatic Moon
Had a dilemma-
Wanna fall for
The daring sun?
'Cause of his valorous shine
crowns her beauty.
Or with the twinkling family?
Who pampers her
in all dark
and deserted nights.
May be of these confusions
Her heart goes
through thawing
and freezing

Ah! When it comes to poetry, the beauty of Nature surpasses the known knowledge of humanity! Here, in this poetry, the Moon is under the confusion about whether to stand for her star family or her lover boy Sun. The poetry could enable us to enter into a world of protagonists where the range of abstractness does not tend to zero but also to infinity.

So, try to listen to the silent whispers of your heart. Those lubs and dubs are the poetries overflowing inside you!

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  • The poetries in this article belong to Nithya Kanagaraj. If you wish to quote anywhere, kindly give credit to me :) Thank you!