Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay 

We as humans are washed over by a copious range of emotions in our lives. At times, effervescent and other times down in the dumps. It is a dime a dozen. We can give stellar ratings to ourselves when it comes to expressing our joy or enunciating the fact of being over the moon or showing we are moonstruck.

However, the dark times related to the mind can be bleak and at the same time terrifying. They go unnoticed or rather ain’t the topic to be addressed or the piece to be spoken. Immense battles are fought within to pull ourselves out of the muddle, at times ending in utter despair. Why don’t we talk about it and seek expert advice and handle things with great aplomb in a jiffy? Is it a shameful act to voice out about our mental health? Or do we have a sense of insecurity in knowing that we’ll be labelled with the taboo forever? This self-declaration is haunting us for a while now letting out an eldritch spell. We are scared of society and the people around us. We don’t want them to put us in the bucket of ‘so-called’. We yearn for the certificate of being PERFECT even when there is an elephant in the room. We reach a stalemate with this and get lost within the walls built by us. It’s high time to forfend on our behalf and take the stand. If not we, then who else will? Instead of asking society to change, we’ll be the change for change is good for positive and mental well-being. Close the door to people with whom we don’t have positivity or good feels. Let’s create a radio silence within ourselves to understand the beat and tune of our inner soul and mental health at our own pace. The quieter the soul, the more we get to hear within.

The word, ‘Mental Health’ was so happening during covid times that most of them did lose to it without even trying their hands out. This sickness had embraced them paving the way into their lives and leaving behind completely drained. They hardly had time to wrap their head around it nor to come to terms with the fact. At this point, it is obvious to give up and end the precious lives. Point it, you cannot skip the sick chapters, sordid moments, and jump into a merry one. You have to go through each and every detail no matter what and keep your story alive. Yet, remember not to let anyone sabotage your joy or put you down. Reach out to the right people as it is the knight in the shining armor amidst the chaos for they’ll be of great mental support and guiding light leading from darkness to a brighter world. In this context, a wise man once said, “A problem shared is a problem halved” and half the battle is won there.

You are more powerful than you believe! Always think of the abundance and the opportunities coming your way. When you know you are sailing on the right path, you don’t have to worry about the storm but instead learn to surf through it. People talk and gossip in spite of your goodness, so why lend an ear to them? You deserve to be loved by yourself the most. Nurture the train of thoughts that your mind is trying to narrate. Listen to yourself as you listen to others. You’ll know what your mind is up to and help it flourish on a healthier side. Keep in mind that every single day has a miracle to unfold bringing you closer to mindful living and positivity. Whatever is your Achilles heel, don’t make it obvious for people to fool around on that point. At any point in time, try not to bottle up the feelings or emotions or anything that you are trying to come out of. Instead, let it go. Life can throw any pile of hurdles, be prepared to face them with the right kind of attitude and assurance. This solidness will walk along in every step you take. Any issues or situation is invading your mind, sort them out at the right time and with the right people. Talk about your real feelings and process them. This goes hand in glove with dissolving the bothering mass of thoughts. Fight till the edge of your last tomorrow, after all, you are a born winner and fighter. Get lost only in the fragments of joy rather than holding on to the bitter haunts that are heavier with each step you take. Thrive and shine even on your gloomy days. Keep in mind, that you are done and dusted taking the weight of other people’s opinions and feedback. Don’t procrastinate to be you and the best version of yourself. And that’s your biggest strength. Never pretend to be someone you are not. Feel light both at the heart and mind and you go long way embracing the happiness of your mental health because it does MATTER!

The famous adage, ‘This too shall pass, and it does!

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