Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The human mind is complex beyond our knowledge.

It takes us all to the locations we visited, locations we never toured or locations we do not want to visit. The complexity of our brain is so severe yet so simple, that we humans tend to get caged into its malicious games until we figure out a way out of its maze.

More than half of the world is caged inside, in which only a few are seeking a way out from the tentacles of depression. Some are coming up with the change while some are trying to survive, with them being held inside their brain. It is not easy to claw out the darkness that seeps into your pores of contentment & reality, but even a small change towards seeking out the light seems way bigger than shattering the whole mountain for several of us.

We seem to smile and laugh out loud every time but the loneliness just keeps getting enormous which is not easy to understand. When I say, our brain is complicated, it is because, the very thought of being different, arises from around, and from within us.

The blame & acceptance then come into play, we bring down the curtain of blame and the acceptance never gets to make its entrance. Depression doesn’t ask your permission to perform its chore because before you could even comprehend what is happening, you are already stained in the sludge of sadness, burnt-out routine and tears.

Most of us then, choose the road of denial that is even more hazardous than being lost in the loop of depression. Denial comes from within us and then it is fuelled by the group we are relishing our time with, they fuel the very thought of ‘how we are just in a phase’ or ‘how it is all in our head’, which for some instance might be true evaluating that it all begins and cease from the same lineage.

But, denial isn’t always seems to be an option, as some of us subsides into the pit that the mind dugs for the one that are more vulnerable and detached from their soul, the one that seeks comfort outside and the ones that are existing for the shadows, that the people created in the very name of, a defined personality.

Now the mind has a very tough relationship with vulnerability, they are like soulmates that fuels the passion into one another, the passion of being held down and slammed with the whip of the questions and delusional minds. Vulnerability teases it role throughout the entire loop of being imprisoned mentally, it doesn’t spare you, not when you have chosen denial or the particular highway of falling down.

Yes, I confess that vulnerability when enters the dome of denial, decreases its impact but the force is still equal compared to the other road, because, no matter who takes the road less travelled, it always comes down to one thing, that is being mentally strong and being in enough love with yourself.

Mental health is a like a thread of every aspect that a human require in term, to be called stable enough. It not only includes happiness, satisfaction but threads of sadness & self doubt. The threads needs to be pulled carefully to make a perfect circle of equilibrium, if you loosen the one and tightens the other the ball of stability might plunge into the very pit of depression , uncertainty etc.

Now here I’d like to elaborate my thoughts on being in the denial stage. The denial doesn’t only come from the one affected, but from the ones that are living around the one involved. It comes from everywhere in full effect and the affected person gets its mind gripped even more profusely to the mind maze. The one who needs realization of being held up by the darker corner of brain could only get help if they are capable of fighting throughout the entire journey.

Let us understand denial like it is a sack that is being fueled up by the air and the lid of the bag is shut. Now if the entrance is open but the exit is closed, what do we behold?

We watch the bag boosting in size and after some time it erupts into the room around.

The same thing happens with the person who is in denial. For the person everything is rainbows and every self doubt & sadness & the feeling of not being enough is like the storm that a person goes through as for them it is what the life offers.

Not confronting the very feelings that you are hiding will blow up into something huge and will burn the very thing, you are struggling to protect. But, like I said the brain is tricky, which means you have to combat and find the thread that you are attempting to ignore, then weave it into the equilibrium ball and roll it toward the stability of contentment and self love.

Joy and self affection are two different threads of the mind, because, being happy doesn’t mean that half of its proportion is going towards the credits of self love. It could simply mean that the outer space means more to you than the space you have created inside.

I read somewhere, that if you were truly in love with yourself; you wouldn’t have to remind your soul by standing in front of the mirror. To this many of my companions agreed and at some point I got convinced too but the thought got changed drastically. I felt that reminding yourself that you are loved and cherished by you isn’t wrong, as long as you are not reminding yourself about being important to someone, where in reality, you might be physically or emotionally being attacked by an outer source and you are denying the hate they have for you.

See, the denial made its entrance here too.

The entire game is about acceptance of the field around and within you.

If you choose the path of acceptance, of the right aspect by nature, then my friend,

The brain isn’t complex at all.

.    .    .