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In the modern world, men and women have the same status and rights. Women are no more surrounded by walls of the houses and stick to the household work. Now women are shining in every sector of the field.

But even now a lot of men think that even if the woman is working, it is also her duty to do household work. Men expect everyone to be done by women related to the household. Working Women have to wake up early make breakfast and then have lunch for both and at the office do their work after finishing their office work they do not rest instead cook for dinner, not only cooking every single thing in the house is done by her, from morning to night.

Men's Expectations from Women

Due to the Male-dominating society, women lack a little behind. If both the partners are working and earning money for livelihood, still men expect that whenever they came back from the office the partner should give them food, clothes, and sometimes a massage. why?

Men don't think that Women are also tired from the work and need time for relaxation too. They too are exhausted from the work. On becoming parents, Men again think that it's the women who should take care of the child. why?

The answer is simple "we grew up in a society that is controlled by Men and they have been told that they do this and that only, and Women are specified to do this and that".

Medicine To The Problem

The medicine or solution to the problem is that proper education should be given to Men at an early stage. They should know that it is also their responsibility to take care of household work and their children. Men should be considerate towards their working partners and help them, instead of expecting everything from women.

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