First, we try to the meaning of advertisement. Advertisement is taken from Latin word 'Adverto'.

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Advertisement is that source which helps to attract people towards products or any market information. As we know advertisement acts as a source of information which helps the marketer as well as customer. It is the main source for market to promote their products. Marketing is nothing without advertisement in this competitive generation.

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Advertisement is boon for our market and companies but it is always not remains boon. It also acts as Bane in our lives. We all know everything have some demerits with its merits.

Now first I will discuss about its merits with you and how it boon for all of us. 

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First of all, if I talk about business firms, advertisement acts as more beneficial tool for them. When any new product launched or manufactured by any company, it is important to bring the product in the knowledge of customers. Because if customers that information about product, then it is possible to increase the sales of business and helps the business forms to earn profits. Because profits and high sales always helps the marketer to survive in market for long run. Advertisement is that which attention of customer and force them to buy that particular product. It also help the market to face competition for example, if any business form have launched any new product and advertised it, then other market are also get information about that and if the demand increases for that product, others also manufacture similar product and give competition to other business firms. It also make a different brand image in the eyes of customer of particular company and its product name. This helps to increase the reputation of particular company. If the businessman use the tool of advertisement in proper way then it helps lot for them in effective way. Because the main motive of business firms is to increase their sales and this is always possible with the help of advertisement.

Now let’s see the benefits of advertisement according to point of view of customers. How the advertisement is important in our life as customer? Very less people involved in businesses but maximum number is of customers in the whole world who lives in different corner of the world. So I am also customer. If I think according to my point of view, then that's right there are many benefits but also disadvantages of advertisement. First I discuss about benefits of advertisement and customers life. The first benefit is that it is a source of information for us about market which we cannot get without advertisement.

And the important thing is that what type of advertisement medias are there which are influencing us. There are various advertisement medias like :

  • Press media i.e. newspaper, magazines and journals
  • Salesman
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Window display
  • Cinema
  • Advertisement through mails
  • Posters and banners
  • Sky advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Travelling advertising.
  • And many more like this which place and important role in influencing us. These are informative but more attracting rather than informative sometimes.
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It also help us to give us wider choices and opportunity to select which is good for us or not. We can also differentiate different brands according to our choice. because with the help of advertisement we get lots of information about different brands, different product names, also about their sizes and shapes designs and lots of things about product. Advertisement makes us brand sensitive and also improves our standard of living. Not only through television but also outdoor advertisements also helps to give us information like posters, banners, etc. If we are going outside anywhere our eye catches the information easily and these are displayed at sides of roads on walls etc. But according to me television or internet are the main source of advertisement from where the customer get more attracted rather than other media.

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There are also many more advantages for customers. But there are also many disadvantages. If we talk about TV ads, according to me some ads are totally waste. The waste in the sense is that some ads have no any relatable meaning regarding products. We all know which adds that are I do not want to abuse anyone else because I am just giving my points of view. and these types of add sometimes become humour for customers and they do not get attached to that products sometimes. This fails objectives of business and make their money totally waste that they have spent on advertisements. The another demerit of advertisement is that sometimes that we see ads on TV or internet show lots of wrong things like more exposure to women by showing their nudeness or by encouraging wrong products like a tobacco, wines, etc. These types of advertisement influenced generation in bad way. Because the main motive of advertisement is to attract people. Young generation more quickly gets influenced towards these types of ads. Sometimes if a customer do not want to buy a product to due to any financial problem but advertisement through personal sellings mostly pressurize him to buy that product because they try to make them feel that how much their product are important for them. This type of advertisement just force the customer and nothing else. Then other demerit if we talk about is that sometimes the ads shown on the TV misleads the customer. Because some ads are not exactly like that product. They show lots of good features of product but when used in reality it can not work same. This means some companies gives us wrong information and misleads the customers. Also if advertisements fails to achieve objectives of business then it becomes totally waste for businesses.

May be there are also more boon or bane of advertisements. So what you think about advertisement that it have more boon or more banes?

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