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Taboo, is the prohibition of acts that are not good in the eyes of society. This is becoming a barrier in the way of progress. I will try to explain why it is bad and when it is good.

I should try to use simple wording so that everyone should easily understand what I want to tell through this article. So as we know that taboo is a restriction on acts. There are various acts that people in our society think are not good. First let us try to know the acts that come under taboo according to society and these are: going to the temple and cooking food in the kitchen during periods, eating meat at home according to vegetarian people, and sex before marriage is also a great subject matter and lots of activities like these. According to my point of view, some taboos are not so bad and I think these are good to make our generation a good human being. Sex before marriage is taboo and it is right in my eyes that it is taboo because our new generation does not understand the effects of this, they just think about pleasure but they don’t think about its wrong side which spoils their lives. It has a right time and the right age to do and it is definitely after marriage at the right age. We think above that taboo is good in some way but on the other hand, if I talk about restrictions on females during periods, it is wrong to make it taboo in our eyes. Do we think that periods are any type of dangerous or bad thing? No doubt the whole world including our India is growing up with new thoughts, but some areas in our country are still going with their old thinking. Periods Are not bad not any type of disease we have to think about it and have to accept that this is God's gift Which makes the female clean from inside and strong. But I think we blame the whole society for these things. If I talk about restrictions during periods these types of prohibitions have been applied by females themselves. If we see in society, One female tries to stop another female to do any work if she thinks that it is taboo without knowing whether it is bad or not just only by hearing from here and there or believing in old rituals. 

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I don't know why A woman herself doesn’t understand her feelings and tried to stop others. Women herself think that their periods are taboo. Not only the periods but also going of women outside at night working in offices for the late-night even if the females want to enjoy their one-day offer life by doing parties or going on a trip for one night they are stopped by their parents or by husbands. This is so sad, that every restrictions and taboos are mostly made and more effects the life of women. Another act that becomes taboo in our society is of co-workers in the office Or two friends girl and a boy. Most people in our society think that male and female do not work together. Why? I won't answer for this type of useless thought society thinks that males and females are not friends always but why do they think like this why girl and boy don’t become good friends and what is wrong in that if they get into a relationship but only The thing is that we have to choose always a good company of friends and if we stop everyone to meet with each other and discriminate in gender basis then how we get to know who is good or bad. This also become a taboo in our society, which is not good. Many People many females fought for their equality and to remove Gender discrimination and inequality and no doubt they also get success for their struggle, But I think their struggle for the people of our nation becomes totally wasted when I see these types of people in my society in the 21st century. how bad it is! no doubt that taboo is good sometimes but not taboo is always good. I am agreed with the subject matters like drinking, sex, and eating pork become taboo But as I discussed above, I think that matters are wrong to say and make them taboo. In this competitive world, these types of taboos Become a barrier to our progress also.

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In this world, there are only a few people that always listen to them and who do always that thing which is right and don’t follow the wrong taboos. Everyone abuses them but they never get discouraged. We see these types of people in our past and history also. But 95% of people out of 100% always try to depend upon others' beliefs and thoughts. They never Go with their own decision and go with the flow in which the whole society flows. This is The reason that 5 villages today not developing and people of rural play areas have to move towards urban cities. Cities are also not free from taboos. Many people live in the city but try to go with traditional thoughts. I think that these taboos just giving birth to stress for our generations. 

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According to me some people also have a belief that the children should not share that type of thoughts related to sex education and lots of things like these for which they shy from their own children. According to me this also becomes a taboo. I think parents must try to understand that they should try to know what are the questions of their children . If they ignore them and always feel shy then they are making them weak and maybe one day it turns into a big mishappening. What should then parents do, will they also feel shy at that time? Why we are making our children educated and why we are also getting educated, for that thing that one day we spread taboos in our society.

Education has the power to change everything but this is so bad that we still hesitate to speak the right things and spread the right thoughts. If we don’t understand today after coming into this generation then we may understand never. Through my thoughts, I just want to make people aware and to make our country fill it with good taboos, not with bad ones which are stopping us from growing.

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