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There is a great need for animal rescue and welfare.

Today I came with the article related to animal rescue, care, and welfare.

Animals, the natural gift and beautiful creatures on our earth. Our world is rich in flora and fauna. If we wander around, we will find lots of different types of animals and also that which we never imagined. All are so beautiful and they make our earth beautiful by their activities. Some are wild and some are domestic. We keep some animals as pets at our homes and look after them like our family members. In our world, we find too many people who are fond of animals and love them too much. If we take the example of dogs, there are too many people who keep dogs at their homes, play with them and care them. Some people keep peacocks, some keep cows, buffaloes and many more animals. In our India, cows are respected more. We should feel glad because now the interest of humans in animals and their well-being has increased vastly. On one side, there are people who love and respect animals but on the other side, there are many people who are very cruel towards animals. I have studied some events of cruelty that are happened recently. These are given below:

  • Tamilnadu man caught on CCTV attacking stray dogs.
  •  Street dog was beaten to death with sticks.
  • Man arrested for attacking bulls with stick during Jallikattu.
  • A pregnant bison was killed heartlessly.
  • Dog in US shot between the eyes miraculously survives.
  • Two blackbucks being chased by a vehicle.

And many more cases like these. The report mentions 720 cases of crime against Street animals, 741 cases against working animals, 588 cases against companion animals, 88 cases against farm animals, and 258 cases against wild animals and birds. After studying all these cases I feel so sad and shocked that how many the people are cruel. These types of people think that animals have no life, and no feelings. But they are fools, animals should have feelings, and they are also living beings. They also get hurt when someone teases them.

But thank to the animal welfare and wildlife sanctuaries that they are helping the animals to survive among these cruel people. So first of all let we know what is animal welfare. World animal protection is an animal welfare organisation. Animal welfare refers to the quality of life experienced by an animal and encompasses how well the animal is coping with his or her current situations and surroundings. There are many animals who are suffering from being used for entertainment, food, medicine, fashion and as exotic pets.

For these reasons animal welfare is important so that these innocent animals should be saved and cared for.

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There are five domains of animal welfare and these are given below:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Environment
  3. Health
  4. Behaviour
  5. Mental state

Animal welfare takes action to protect animals. The law has various forms of punishments for different types of cruelties. All acts of cruelty are covered under section 11 of the act. Section 11 of the PCA act, of 1960 deals with various forms of cruelties perpetrated on both domesticated and wild animals. Under this, a person is liable for a fine of 10 rupees which may extend to 50 rupees. Whereas, in the subsequent offence, i.e. the offence committed within three years of the previous offence shall be punishable with three months imprisonment and a minimum fine of twenty-five rupees which may extend up to one hundred rupees.

The categories of offences under section 11 are as follows:

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  • Section 11 (1)(a): causing pain, suffering or injury to an animal.
  • Section 11 (1)(b): employing any unfit animal for work or labour.
  • Section 11 (1)(c): administering any injurious drug or substance to animals.
  • Section 11 (1)(d): carrying or transporting animals in a cruel manner.

And many more sections which deal with the different types of cruelties. Not only animal welfare but there are also many sanctuaries which helps the animals. But why only animal welfare takes steps, we all human beings have a need to learn to be kind-hearted towards animals.

We all should aware about animal cruelties around us and if we notice that then immediately make a complaint and help that animal. And I think that the government must treat animals equally to other living beings and try to make their law more strict like the laws for human beings.

So let us all come together and try to help all the innocent and beautiful animals on our earth. This may help us to become more sympathetic and also in making our countries more beautiful on earth.

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