Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

Life is tough that's what they say,

But they don't know what's going on everyday,

To wake up in the morning and be cool,

Trying to convince other or making yourself a fool.

The world says obviously you didn't try,

Who knows in which darkness you dip n cry,

You did put in the effort, you did your part,

But who care's dear, they are more smart.

You might be under pressure from your's stuff,

But for them, your's part is not tough,

You'll be punished and blamed throughout life,

Tagging you're not capable and rumors will rife.

It's hard enough to get up and again being strong,

In spite of knowing that the crowd will again prove you wrong,

They'll prompt you don't wake up with disappointment,

But with a tag of deep embarrassment.

Everyone in the universe seems just doing fine,

Is Being faulty, just the character of mine?

If I really miss every time, I'll be glad to leave,

Really all gone wasted? That I've received.

To my family, my half one and my best ones,

Sometimes high expectations can damage a soul,

Sometimes consistent blame can make one fail,

Sometimes a broken trust can make one break,

Sometimes your words can disable one again to wake.

If am a human I'll always try to best,

Because it's me and is not like rest.

.   .   .