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Women. We, women, run the world.. yes we do of course ....if there are no women there is no life, and life depends on menstruation.. again women!

Then why are we considered impure? And are we even considered so? Yes...

In India, we have a gorgeous temple located in the southern region and women are not allowed to enter. People who are up with pluck arts claiming themselves to be "Feminists" or "Feminazis" call women too impure to be in such a graceful place. Why? Because we are people who menstruate.. blood considered disgustingly hideous.

Men of higher caste are only allowed to be performing rituals...because they don't have to carry lives with them, for which they don't have to menstruate..

Well, India known as one of the most religious nations out there have different mythological/ religious beliefs and principles..also! Different deities like Lord Ganesha, Maa Durga...

Female deities considered icons of prosperity, education, life and power are worshipped grandly with strict rituals and rules.

But there again, women can't perform the rituals out! They say female deities menstruating brings great prosperity and luck in mankind! And then they don't respect purity....women can't enter religious places when they menstruate, can't even pray! In early Vedic ages they had to hide in stables with only two clothes provided, were punished if a man's shadow casted.

Durga Puja, a grand festival celebrated all over India, specially Bengal, Kolkata is very special to us. A female committee with the aim of  cutting off such nonsense started the change.. performing rituals and doing puja despite of menstruation. They gracefully carried out a Durga Puja in Kolkata, Badam Tala. But as soon as it got viral people again got ready with their cups of tea and keyboards..

"Nonsense! Disgustingly horrific!"

"They don't even know how to do a puja..bloody freaks!"

"Shame on you..."

"Are you literally doing a Bollywood session?!" 

Men are never wrong when it comes to rituals? Well, spotting mistakes is their talent so why don't be rational?"

But they are least bothered, walking down their path with only courage and self principles.

Because leaving a text on social media is a lot easier than taking the first step with pure determination.

So, please..

Let's not be shy when it comes to talking about menses...

let's not be irrational and be thorns in someone's path.

Let's take a step ahead..

Let's make this place a better one..


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