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Taboo refers to any action or practice which may have been restricted or considered unusual by social customs. It is considered a prohibition of social activities based on some false and misled beliefs that performing taboos is either too scary or too bizarre.

In this article, I am going to mention some of them, like menstrual education, sex education, live-in, and divorce.

  • Live-in - It is basically the living arrangement in which a committed couple lives with each other in a domestic situation. This topic is scoffed at and ridiculed by most if not all parents. Although it's not a very ideal situation, but its still tons better than needing to have a divorce afterwards because they realized that they couldn't co-habitat together.

  • Divorce - It is basically the annulment of marriage and the vows & promises with it. In India, it is still a shameful act, and as usual, the women are the ones mostly ostracized by society as well as their families. But seriously, marriage is a serious life long relationship, and should be well thought of in the beginning itself, but if there's no love, understanding left, cheating, violence, drug abuse, etc involved, it is far better to have a divorce, even if you have children!

  • Sex education - Children ought to be taught these topics from early on, so that they can understand if someone is trying to violate them, to understand the repercussions of their rendezvous as well as the unplanned & unwanted early pregnancy.

  • Menstruation Cycle - Girls need to be taught and given some explanation about them after they reach the age of 10. I remember i had mine when i was 10 yrs 6 months, i felt absolutely sick, and i felt that i would die of it. Also later on, if need be, we ought to be in an environment, whether at school or work, where we can ask others regarding pads or extra if the need arises.

So in a nutshell, I have briefly described some of the many perceived "Taboos" and given my point of view to explain why I don't think that they really even are. Also, all these are mainly concerning females.

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