Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

"But isn't it late? I don't think it will be safe for you to go out alone on the street at this time of the day", they say without realizing that she might have wanted to visit a nearby place, in need to buy some supplies. "Night stay at a friend 's? No!", they say not thinking that she might have had plans to study late at night, only to get good grades. "Party at a CLUB?? I don't think attending it would define that you belong to a good family", they say without thinking that she might have desired to enjoy a good meal and a dance after a stressful day.

I am sure most of the girls must have come across such statements, finding them relevant. Trouble is, the girl who is questioned and eventually, rather forcefully, denied to attend to these basic activities of her life deserves not, a less always-look-out-and-around kind lifestyle, only because there are bad people out there. Is it her fault? Of course no, not her fault. Most of you will agree and even unite to say things to make her feel not at fault. Well, sad how most of the supporters are the ones who claim on social media sites, that how acts of harassment and assaults are inhumane citing their aggression in long paragraphs, sharing them, putting stories, holding pity parades. Acting all innocent, do they not know that the very basic cause can be or maybe or is the people enjoying watching inappropriate videos, not being taught well, only thinking they are superior or lacking the thought that the punishments to such acts can be serious or life ruining.

Now, not that I am attacking the concerns of the people who do the social media thing; they definitely might have felt a little offended, but you see just these few lines from a single educated person towards a few educated people, in front of so many educated people made an impact; might be they went to dislike this article, or they just simply went to ignore this and stop reading further. However, will someone still want me to quote how much of an impact can be made if punishments against rapists were to be taken place or in some cases, initiated.

At a scene like this, there may also be people of the kind who would get outrageous as to how I stated their act of concern and decimated it to just an act of attention gain on social media. Noting this, you see I simply pointed at them with words, attacked them verbally and only mentally and what their response is. And some people may still want me to quote how a girl or a boy or any person(victim) feels when they are attacked physically? Let alone suffering the after effects of such incidents; incidents that are more talked than acted against, the victims have to bear this mental scar for the rest if their lives.

People; talk, words will pass by but the incidents; the mental scars, they stay! Hence, it is to be noted that we, the by-standers cannot be helping others just posting on social media or sharing our thoughts with others on any site but the actions must come from within. Actions against such incidents should be taken and against the attacker, the rapist. The person who committed the shameful act should be the one to be talked more about rather than talking about the victims. Spreading awareness against such uneducated people should be prioritized rather than spreading rumors about the person who suffered. The least one can do is not spread false rumors against the victim and maybe try to help them with support and treat them normally. 

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