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In South Korea - Tattoos are Taboo

Def - Some people say that they are not allowed to go to a temple wearing jeans.  When I listen to them I thought what is this then I came to know that it is a Taboo. After some days I thought what is Taboo. Then I came to know that a word or action or any subject that is restricted or prohibited for religious or social religion or social customs is Taboo. 

Eg - When I was searching about this in Google my aunt came and when I told her that I am searching about Taboo she told me that in villages in India girls are restricted for wearing jeans because in the social customs girls are only allowed to wear saree or suit. It shows that people in villages now also means in modern time also they follow the Taboo of girl wearing saree.  

Many people are affected by the taboo that is prohibited in the country. When I say this it means that it is not only that the taboos are in India, it means that there are some taboos which are there in the world.  Let me tell you about some. 

World wide Taboos 

  1. 4 years back I went to South Korea where I noticed that people are not having tattoos in their hands or in their backs. When I ask some people that why are you not having tattoo in your hands? They told me that tattoos are prohibited in their social customs. I can say that In South Korea - Tattoos are Taboo. 
  2. I live in India, and I found that cigarettes and Tobacco are not used in our customs. India - Cigarettes and Tobacco are Taboos. 
  3. My cousin moved to Brazil 5 months ago. She shared an Interesting Fact with me that abortion is prohibited in Brazil as Women are dying because of abortion. With This fact can I say Brazil - Abortion is a taboo
  4. Turkey - crossing leg in front of an elder family member is a Taboo. Means how weird
  5. Spain - Suicide is a taboo. 
  6. Saudi Arab - something that is Forbidden in Islam is taboo in Saudi Arab. Weird ! .

This was all knowledge I had that I shared with you as a writing.

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