Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay 

Words that accurately label different types of liars, and lying terms that relate to fame reform heredity time place suffering, etc. for lasting benefits will begin. It was over 2000 years ago but I purse you that diagnosis would have a little success in his search today lying seems to be an integral weakness of mortal character I doubt that few humans been would brash to claim that they had never in the life told a least portrait and truth indeed one philologist go so far as to thyroid the language must be invented for the sole purpose of description for half so it containing through that animal seem somewhat some more honest then you will be because they are less gifted mentally why do people like to increase the sense of importance to escape punishments to gain and that would otherwise out of long-standing habits or sometimes because they do not know the difference fact and fantasy this are common reasons for falsification no doubt there other fairies unique motivate that impulse people to destroy the truth and to come right down to it can be always so certain what the true and what is false?

Prevention and all too human phenomena there would be of course be a number and trusted words to describe different types of a liar that is pretend not to get personal but only to help you become personally involved in the idea and words that what kind of lie you are the questions is what kind of a lie you are? You may be a notorious liar, a consummate lair, chronic, glib, egregious, or unconscionable lair  you might be some !!

This is a fact thing that everyone is a lair a little bit.

By - Nitya Dubey