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These are the thoughts that are present in my mind right this moment. This is my speech, I am writing my speech and hope I don’t review it since I am glad to make my speech writing using the Zen painting technique, meaning I have written, edited, and submitted it in a single session which might resemble the single take a long shot. Forgive me for my bad grammar or thoughts, I don’t intend to provoke anyone (any living soul). The Zuihitsu, the Japanese literature intended me to follow its path. to put it in simple terms these paragraphs are just free thoughts that enlighten us and they might change from time to time.

I thought I had a great life until I found it had no meaning, I don’t want to be cliché, I am unique. these rebellious ideas have always been a part of me. I found out I was that part f the crowd when I was asked to speak on something, anything which soothes me guess what I choose, I know it is tough to go random, so let me give the required clues, it was not about a person, place, animal or anything .it was about a word, to be clearer it was about many words which had deep meaning but could never be meaningful together just like every paragraph in this article (my written speech). I the so-called rebellious kid choose the most used words for a decade and spoke about each for thirty seconds. The list included Brexit, Fake news, climate strike, selfie, mother, not! hashtag and a lot more …

The marketing strategy used today is insane, anyone can market any idea to anyone around the globe, more than marketing a product or service now lifestyle marketing is taking place. Conventional models and runway queens have been replaced by new-age stars who work in a company called tik took. They are being played heavily to market a product. After an indefinite amount of time, I came to understand that if something is free then I am the product. I am on social media look at them and pretend a false life is what social media is. I think the answer to that question might be interesting and finding a solution for people to lead a single happy life rather than double life might get them an Oscar!!!!

The Red color, it is the color of love for a few, might scare many and it does mean an ideology for the rest. Color has a lot of variants, red has many scarlet red, vermillion, orange-red, light coral and so on, we might end up discovering more in the upcoming days. The word red being mentioned doesn’t mean red color is used for instance the red fox, the red-breasted robin, and the red squirrel do not have red color on them, they are actually orange. How fascinating. The scientific angle of red says it has a high wavelength which means it can reach a longer distance compared to other colors. Like having many variants, the color does have many meanings, In China, it is used for the Chinese New Year to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. The stripes held by our big brother (USA) in his flag symbolize courage and his rival (Russia) say it means beautiful for them. There might be many unknown meanings, if unearthed it’s a treat for mankind since it solves pressing issues.

Questions are considered lame and they are not intended for a regular conversation nor are they subjected to happy endings. Asking questions is not a likable attitude, they make the person answering our questions live a living hell, although Socrates the great man considered asking questions is an important quality in a person it is not entertained. Toddlers ask many questions that are stupid but interesting. When we ask interesting questions lot of new pathways are found. for example, when you question yourself, you think about what to do next, when you ask why toilets have seat covers, why trees are tall, why we need to recite an alphabet from A to Z? and why can we go random? why do we have two legs? who designed us? and so on …. few questions might not have answers, even the next century might not give answers. so, let’s stay positive ……

Happiness can be found or it is within us. I think happiness is always within us and we radiate that energy to all the living souls around our planet. When we smile basically there is the release of endorphins but who cares in this disintegrated society whether we have endorphins or not that does not make sense to them .so let’s be happy during tough times and be connected in the disconnected world.

My article might be trash for many but it will be a treasure for a few. so here is my article, I have written about things that intrigue me they are disconnected but they are an example of free thoughts flowing for an hour at least …. The pictures aligning the below paragraphs might not form a link but if we think deeply, I think we can connect anything like Ex-husband and wife, broke up people, youth and happiness, a beautiful wife and beautiful husband. just kidding I think connecting an image with any description makes art more powerful……

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