Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

She lay trembling on the stained floor
Her body bruised and crimson.
Please forgive me! She would implore
But, no, she hadn't borne him a son.

Beside, lay her little daughter curled,
Chewing on her thumb with alacrity.
Amidst the odious injustice of the world,
It alleviated the anguish of barbarity.

Dutifully would she perform every chore
Throwing her youth into the pyre.
Whips, belt buckles she would endure
Her heart deprived of desire!

Gamboling around the bucolic frontier
Memories of her childhood she would reminisce.
How she wished her life's thirteenth year
Was fraught with a "present" less abyss!

Vengeance dominated fear
As she heard the creak of chains.
Trepidation towards him was now mere
As freedom she wanted to attain!

He glowered at her, vulgarity profuse
Beginning to impart the retribution.
She picked up the axe, with no sigh for a truce
And herself carried out the execution!

Uncertainty will surely ensue
She thought, while in the crowded train.
She had lived a life of just endurance,
But her daughter's was not going to be in vain!

.     .     .