The truth makes me angry. The truth makes me livid to think of the plight of my brethren. The truth makes me irate, because it had been spitefully concealed from me until now. But what makes me most angry is the audacity of people to question my anger.

Today, a war persists thousands of miles away from us, and each of us is updated with the slightest developments of the Russian offensive. Our profound curiosity is quenched by the media’s scrupulous efforts to bring to us news from the war-torn country. Thus, it strikes me as odd, that we slumbered and just slumbered, while our own were tormented up in the north. Every day, thousands of innocents were killed, slaughtered, because they cited hymns of Ram, instead of singing praises of Mohammed, while the government as well us citizens enjoyed the bliss of ignorance!

The Nazis tyrannically oppressed the Jews, and the Jews have forever prevented their holocaust from drifting into oblivion. While we condemn the Nazis elsewhere, we turn a blind eye towards such atrocities occurring in our very own nation. The fact that we accept and even glorify the persecution of the Kashmiri Pandits, in the name of secularism is gore injustice!

Kashmir Files, a movie aimed at undoing our indifferent approach in the past, has successfully placed this long-hidden truth in front of our eyes. While I had expected all Indians to have boundless proclivity towards the subject of the film, the mixed approach the film has been receiving leaves me baffled.

People, say that the film arouses futile anger in the minds of people, and divides the nation on the basis of religion. But, if my dad is shot, mom is cut into pieces with a saw, and I was witness to this ruthlessness towards my clan, don’t I have the right to be angry? Don’t I have the right to hate that radical islamist who did this to them? Where were the narratives of this religious divide by the Congress government, who openly abetted the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus?

A man is shot infront of his family, and his wife is forced to eat rice drenched in his blood. Another man is hung to a tree, his nails plucked and thrust onto his forehead where he had applied vermillion after the Shivratri celebrations. Women are raped and brutally tortured, all in the name of religion! And they say, we are the ones propagating a religious divide, we are the ones who possess this hatred! Well, I am glad India is progressing steadily on this holy path of secularism!

What appals me further is the exploitation of this film by political parties to appease their vote banks. Kejriwal sir, I listened to your speech in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha the other day. Just remember, that laughter of yours, comes at the cost of innumerable tears shed by our brothers and sisters in Kashmir. While you call the film “jhoothi”, what’s false are your claims that the Delhi Government, which openly criticized the abrogation of Article 370A, which called this film “jhoothi”, has done any good to the Kashmiri Pandits. I request you to stop doing your dirty politics, and develop some sensitivity towards the plight of the victims. I agree that rehabilitation should be our primary goal, and according to me making the country aware of the truth is the first step in that process.

But coming back to the original question, what’s the point of watching the Kashmir Files? I agree that what has happened cannot be undone, but it is essential for us to develop a spirit of shame towards our ignorance, anger towards the perpetrators of such gore violence, but most importantly a sense of indomitable longing for justice for the Kashmiri pandits, having been empowered by the TRUTH! 

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