Image by Jills from Pixabay 

Whenever I'll get a chance to complain,
List of questions are buildup in my brain,
I'll ask him the fault of giving me the pain,
Even when I try again an again,

Want to know the reason of creating a situation,
Making me destroyed and led to frustration,
Making difficult to breath.. suffered from suffocation,
It was just a question under his examination,

Why always me.. I'm in your target,
You make it so difficult.... Just not easy to co-operate,
Some moments of my life want them to be reverted,
Some of them should disappear as it was not expected,

Word called luck is absent in my case,
Many and many more obstacles I face,
Each and every steps should be carefully trace,
My life is writing.... its.. own phrase,

You wrote my life without any frame,
That's why you always played with me a game,
You always knew that I was never the same,
Who only needed the trust... not the fame,

I want to talk some personal stuffs,
Listen to him and share my bluffs,
Whenever I thought everything was perfect,
disasters in my life proved the defect

For gaining a little need lots of effort,
Why can't you make a zone of comfort,
A place where no one gets so hurt,
Create a space where no one can divert,

Though mentally ill I try to survive,
In the hope of happiness which I need to derive,
It's difficult to sustain in this world of criticism,
Willing to travel the life of tourism,

I always believed in the thoughts of fate,
I think you always wanted to hate,
Every pages of my life was so great,
Still you don't fail... and have no regret,

Needed a peace but got into pieces,

Needed a chance but got by chance,
Needed a break but not be broken,
Needed contentment but got disappointment,

.    .    .