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Why? Why? Why are we afraid to spend time alone or in solitude? I've heard from people that when they sit alone they think a lot, and different types of thoughts come to them which are quite intimidating. Dear friend, tell me one thing, how can you heal yourself without knowing where your cracks and flaws are? How can you cure a wound without touching or stirring it? Solitude isn't everyone's cup of tea, only the blessed ones who are courageous enough to shed the wall of ego and introspect themselves, their flaws, accept their mistakes and make efforts to amend them are the ones whom life rewards with its true gifts. And we are afraid of Solitude because in solitude we see ourselves, naked, broken, scarred, our faces distorted. Solitude is a mirror, and who wishes to see their ugly faces? It terrifies us. It brings goosebumps to know the truth. Yet it's the most heroic thing we can do, to look at the truth in its eyes. We run away from it, we run away from our truths and we find refuge in others, groups, relationships, parties, fantasies, sex, daydreams, drugs, and alcohol. Anything that can give us a certain period of relief from that pain or better numb us. But in that pursuit we somehow fail to realize that we become too accustomed to living in the world of illusions, falsehood, lies, ego, etc. with that pain like a splinter deep inside our bones which oftentimes reminds us of its presence but now we've learned to live with it and even during the times of happiness that scar, that pain haunts us. Yet true freedom and happiness belong to people who aren't afraid of showing the world their flaws, their scars, their true selves. They are rare but that much special. It is only in solitude we meet both our lights and shadows. And they open gates to the nudges of our hearts where we find puzzle pieces to the bigger picture of the vision of our soul which leads us to our destiny.

That's why Paulo Coelho has written that 'Courage is the most essential element required in the pursuit of our destiny,' for you need courage to embrace solitude.

And exactly that's how we change the world because when we are bold and courageous when we have embraced solitude and our scars only then we can love others unconditionally for we have learned to feel and sense the pain of ourselves and others deeply and that will give you strength to stand and speak up for injustice when others are afraid.

Only solitude, courage, and persistence are the keys that produce a being of high nature and character. So what are you waiting for? Stop now and ask yourself "Do you truly want to live a boring, miserable life like a coward?" If not then be courageous and start spending time alone for you'll start witnessing the magic that you are.

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