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A sudden pop-up of a thought that comes within us at a point is called "Free Thought".

Free thoughts could shield our inner worlds, reduce our mental biases, and create new spaces for thoughts. But nowadays there are many so-called weapons that restrict what we think.

To lose freedom of thought would be able to lose something uniquely human. If we agree to our free thoughts, then this makes us more truly our own.

Freethinkers take decisions by their free thought most of the time. Generally, freethinkers like to think for themselves, respect critical thinking and reason, remain open to new concepts, and are sometimes proud of their nature. Freethinkers reject conformity for the sake of conformity, whereby they create their own beliefs by considering the way the world around them works and would possess the intellectual integrity and courage to think outside of accepted norms, which may or may not lead them to believe in some higher power.

There are many freethinkers and many who need to be a freethinker. People are in seek of guts where they can think freely and take decisions accordingly. Especially women are the most controlled people in this society.

Freethinkers are confident, logical, and intelligent. Likewise:

  • They believe that they are the pope of their own life
  • They believe that they are outstanding in their work
  • They believe that they are creative
  • They believe that they have a unique style
  • They think for themselves
  • They also understand that there are many ways to see the world

These all lead them to fun living.

Freethinkers engage in creative thinking on many levels. Socially, emotionally, logically, and spiritually. They may film movies that question deeply held beliefs, paint pictures that challenge conventional thinking about love, write stories that provoke people to question their place in the world, or sing songs that dispel myths. You think creatively because you think freely.

A freethinker lives by their own set of rules and no one, not even their beloved mother, can tell them to live otherwise. They come by their own beliefs through their own experience and curiosity. They tested them and they stood up to their tests. It’s impossible for them to know religious or secular by laws that were created to control people.

A freethinker goes without saying that they think for themselves. Ever since they heard their friends who are outside their faith are going to tell them that they’ve thought for themselves. They are so determined to think without constraints that they question their own thoughts and beliefs on a regular basis.


Doubt your beliefs: The first and most important step to becoming a freethinking individual is to doubt the beliefs that have been forced upon you by others. Whatever your beliefs are — whether religious, political, philosophical and so on — be sure to question, scrutinize, and discard any of them when you find no solid evidence supporting them.

Question authority: Most people choose to obey and blindly follow what authority tells them is true and right. They don’t think for themselves — they let others do the thinking for them instead. A freethinker never accepts anything from authority. S/he asks questions and is open to accepting any answers that point to the truth, even if they go against the opinions and beliefs of authority figures.

Observe your behavior: Although we tend to think that we act out of the free will, most of our actions are actually carried out on an unconscious level. In a sense, we are victims of our habits. To become a freethinker, you need to become more aware of your thoughts, actions, and overall behavior. Once you do so, you’ll be able to better understand yourself and make more conscious choices in life, without behaving in certain ways just because you feel compelled to.

Escape the herd: Another important step to becoming a freethinker is to detach yourself from group thinking. People choose to conform in all sorts of ways just to feel accepted and liked by others. To achieve that, many people unquestionably accept what others tell them is right and true, out of the fear of being left out. By escaping the herd mentality, you’ll be able to think more clearly, without feeling the pressure to comply with others.

Research: A freethinker cares about truth like nothing else. In the journey to finding the truth, there are guides that can help one approach it easier and quicker. If you’re searching for truth, it would be beneficial if you gathered knowledge from as many sources as you can, such as books, articles, documentaries, and podcasts. Do whatever helps to expand your consciousness.

Use critical thinking: Learning how to use critical thinking is of utmost importance to freethinking. If you can’t analyze and critically assess the information that you come across, you’ll be an easy target for manipulation and thought control. Critical thinking will assist you in your search to discover the truth, by helping you to avoid being influenced by biased opinions and false information.

Be open to change: Last but not least, a freethinker is a person with a flexible mind. That means a person who is open to learning new things and ready to change his/her mind when presented with evidence that contradicts his/her opinions and beliefs. A freethinker doesn’t

accept anything blindly, yet at the same time doesn’t shrink from considering emerging perspectives and ideas that may challenge his/her worldview.

Lately, a well known Russian writer Leo Tolstoy told the world that

“Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking.”

I would like to conclude that some thoughts that pop up in our heads are a force other than our own and following through with them will lead to a fun life.

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