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TABOO is a highlighted topic in our society or community. TABOO is defined as a restriction, prohibition in many ways, may it be a related to culture, May it be related to any of the field everywhere, there is a shout box named TABOO. There are endless numbers of list consisting of TABOO, some are being considered in a positive manner a valid logical, while on the other hand some points makes no sense. It’s how you think, how you behave, how things u take a negative way or a positive way. The way of thinking of a person creates TABOO in every way or the other manner. As the centuries have passed, the way of thinking keeps on changing. It’s the world of modernity but still there are people who have the old thinking. Every century had TABOO which is still on the go at many places in the world. The topic TABOO has many examples, articles to make understand the meaning deeply and in a proper manner.

The most common TABOO nowadays is related to work. It is restricted for a girl or a woman to go out and work at many places. There are some religions, cultures who don’t allow a girl or a woman to go out and work, it is considered a big TABOO for them. Does it really make any sense by stopping female to work? It’s a generation of modernity where male and female are treated equally.

Married girls have the restrictions to in some kind of limits. In some cultures, they are not to allowed to wear short dresses, should not talk in front of their in-laws. They are not allowed to eat in front of their in-laws. Restrictions regarding birth of a girl, if a girl is both girls are forced for the second pregnancy for boy .If a girl cannot deliver a boy some gets a quit, some heads for a divorce while some have the understanding .

Some fields are not meant for a girl or a woman according to many like filmy career, but that’s not true a trust is must for anyone in the life to make a push to achieve anything in life .Motivation makes big role in anyone’s life to achieve and make the best for ones future. Another TABOO is waving all over the world about being a GAY or LESBIAN. The numbers of these things are increasing day by day all over the world; it has become very much common to be in a relationship with same gender and getting married with same gender. The law has given a green signal to it, but still it is considered a weirdest TABOO.

Nowadays live-in relationship is on the trend and common as well. Families with good reputation or goodwill don’t allow their child to be in such relations. Hanging out late nights with the friends for a girl, talking late nights with friends for a girl is not common in reputed families. They have some respect, they believe in community, they have fear of the word IZZAT which is the main thing for anyone in this world. Honour, respect makes you the best person across.

Sex is considered a main subject as a TABOO for many people all around the world.

Having an affair with your employee is a TABOO. Corporate world has the biggest list of having an affair with the BOSS or EMPLOYEE. In schools or colleagues TEACHERS and STUDENTS have an affair is also considered a TABOO. The topic is very common but throws a big impact on people.

Racism is still considered as TABOO may you believe it or not. Black or WHITE colour differentiation is still there in many countries. Though some take it very normally while some have an issue with the colour.

In many religions marrying with your close ones or say relative is considered a TABOO. While in some religions there is allowance of a man can get marry twice or thrice or more but a girl cant she has to face many troubles regarding this, even though a woman is divorced or widow she has to pass on many hurdles.

While in some villages parents get their daughter marry at a very early age or by birth the parents of a girl or a boy mutually gets fixed their marriages and it is a TABOO.

While kissing or getting intimated were considered a TABOO in INDIA and some of the countries as well.

VIOLENCE towards a girl or may be your wife is a TABOO.

Asking an age to a girl was considered a TABOO in some times. It has changed a lot now due to the modern thinking of a people.

Talking about a girl’s privacy in public is considered TABOO may it be related to menstruation, Sexual.

In MUSLIMS CULTURE a girl is not allowed to open freely by showing their face or body, it is considered a biggest TABOO. While the time has changed those who are very much strict towards religions or cultures don’t allow their female to open freely with an open face in Muslims.

Killing of an animal or a bird is strictly prohibited in many parts of INDIA is one of the biggest TABOO of all times. Being a highest population considering a vegetarian community in INDIA these things or say slaughter is strictly prohibited. JAINISM is on the top in terms of vegetarian. It is strictly vegetarian in JAINISM community.

Eating non-vegetarian is also a main TABOO in many community and most of that in JAINISM community.

These are some of the list or some of the examples to make you better understand about the TABOO across the world. These are some of the common examples of day to day life which is much familiar or known to all. Rest there are endless numbers of live examples of TABOO which is still unknown to many but still exist.

While the word TABOO is much highlighted compared to the other synonyms of TABOO like PROHIBITION, RESTRICTIONS, ETC. these words all already common in the dictionaries and in public mouth and the TABOO word is the SHOUT BOX word now presenting your English mania while speaking to your friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.

TABOO word has been explained in many different ways with different writers, different thoughts, and different perspective. But by taking things towards positive way makes you more confident. It’s all about how you think, how you present yourself, how much you believe the things happening around you or across the world.

TABOO is all about the thinking process more than the PROHIBITION.

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